10 tips for young women entrepreneurs from 4 leading ladies in business

10 tips for young women entrepreneurs from 4 leading ladies in business

The deep-rooted patriarchy in Indian culture has substantially affected the flourishing of women entrepreneurs in India. Only 23 percent of the paid workforce in India are women, a starkly disappointing statistics when compared to other developing countries.

However, the picture has certainly been brighter in recent times.  There have been plenty of stories of Indian women breaking the shackles of conventions and venturing to follow their dreams.

The women entrepreneurs in India face a lot of challenges; they have combatted social, cultural and family pressures. Not only do they reach new heights each day but they have also set examples for all the young women entrepreneurs who aspire to set up their own business ventures or start-ups.

We spoke to four leading women entrepreneurs who have created a mark in their sectors- fashion, health, and jewelry- being candid about their journeys and success stories. These phenomenal women have several tips for the new-age dreamers who want to achieve high in entrepreneurial endeavors.

Tanya Jain, who has successfully juxtaposed comfort and style with her chic line of everyday clothing at Pasithea, believes that ‘leadership, patience and listening skills’ are key to becoming a successful entrepreneur.  Treading along the same lines, Mrs. Supriya Sampath with her unique collection of diamond jewelry at Ketan Diamonds describes entrepreneurs as ‘risk-takers and highly passionate’ individuals.

Another steadfast businesswoman, Madhulika Mehta, who has excelled with her line of fusion Indo-western clothing styles at Satin Vogue, is of the opinion that one needs to be ‘confident and smart’ to be able to deal with the everyday challenges that an entrepreneur encounters.

Dietician Divya Chanda, who is on a mission to promote a healthy lifestyle through her company Just Health And U, stresses the importance of hard work and courage.

Their learnings and experiences are ground-breaking. Let us look at some of the key takeaways which can serve to be useful for young women leaders who want to create a path of their own:

It is a rocky road in the beginning

When one begins to establish their business, one tends to be bubbling with enthusiasm. However, as these four entrepreneurs have stressed on the importance of the virtue of patience, one must take it slow.

Tanya Jain, Pasithea
Tanya Jain, Founder Pasithea

“My biggest learning as an entrepreneur is that the beginning is always slow and everything takes time. There is no reason to rush things up or give up in the middle,” says Tanya Jain.

Be optimistic and focused

Being too bothered about failures is two-steps backward in the journey of a successful entrepreneurial undertaking.

Mrs. Supriya Sampat, the lady behind Ketan Diamonds, says that entrepreneurship is a ‘complex phenomenon’ which is influenced by both internal and external factors.

Supriya Sampat, Founder Ketan Diamonds
Supriya Sampath, Founder Ketan Diamonds

“My biggest learning as an entrepreneur has been to stay focused don’t think about failing just be more optimistic and strive hard every single day to achieve your goals,” she added.

Learn and grow every day

All these four women in leading businesses have emphasized the need to treat every day as an opportunity to learn.

Divya Chadha, Just Health N U
Dt. Divya Chadha, Founder Just Health N U

Divya Chadha of Just Health And U has said that her experience has led her to develop an attitude of learning every day.

Be prepared to deal with challenges with a smiling face

One needs to effectively troubleshoot in order to deal with the numerous obstacles that are thrown in the way of developing a business idea. Confidence, conviction, and presence of mind are handy skills.

Dietician Divya Chadha says, “As an entrepreneur, many challenges turn up every day and you need to be confident and smart in order to tackle them. This brand has brought out immense confidence and conviction in me to handle all complex problems with a cheerful smile on the face.”

Be accountable for your decisions

An entrepreneur needs to make difficult decisions and leadership skills demand a sense of accountability and responsibility towards his/her team.

“The single most important learning as an entrepreneur from my experience is the sense of responsibility- I am accountable for my action of judgment,” says Madhulika Mehta of Satin Vogue.

Try to inculcate different perspectives

Seeing the world from various perspectives enhances a holistic understanding of any new undertakings, believes Tanya Jain. She emphasizes the need to involve in social activities like teaching children and being a voracious reader in order to broaden one’s horizon.

“There is a lot to learn, whether it comes from reading or people, it helps to develop your personal and professional skills, she adds.

Brainstorming, strategizing and networking is just as important

Mrs. Supriya Sampath advises entrepreneurs to be wise about time management. One must not devote all time to increase revenue or the market reach of the company.

Ketan Diamonds

“Apart from the routine tasks in hand, an entrepreneur should spend time brainstorming with key people about introducing new products, bringing something new to the market, formulating new strategies to improve the business and strategizing the next marketing move, etc. Entrepreneurs should also do a lot of networking and studying other businesses and mentoring someone in need as well’” she says.

Maintain a healthy work-life balance

Many have pointed out that the woes of this generation to over-work. Young aspiring entrepreneurs tend to get carried away with their passion and end up affecting their physical and mental health.

“It’s also very important to take some time off, spend quality time with family and take care of one’s own health. They must try to keep a healthy work-life balance,” says Mrs. Sampat.

Understand yourself

Being well-versed with one’s weaknesses and strengths makes an individual a prodigious leader and an efficient team player. Introspection is a soft skill that can help one maintain sanity.

“Entrepreneurs should invest more of their time in understanding themselves in order to identify their qualities and weaknesses so that they can utilize their abilities in an efficient way,” says Divya Chadha.

Add a bit of your personality to the business

It is incumbent upon an entrepreneur to add a personal touch to her business! After all, the dedication and effort that goes behind a start-up require an emotional engagement with the same.

Madhulika Mehta, Founder Satin Vogue
Madhulika Mehta, Founder Satin Vogue

“I would request any prospective entrepreneur to do work personally as far as possible. Unless one does anything personally, one will not understand the nitty-gritty of the practical world,” says Madhulika Mehta.

Lastly, don’t forget confidence, patience and presence of mind

All of these four leading ladies in business have reiterated the need for these three essential virtues for a successful business.

So, all the aspiring women entrepreneurs looking for their wings to spread wider must focus on these golden words which can help them learn and grow.

Expanrr Staff

Expanrr Staff

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