4 leadership qualities entrepreneurs can imbibe from India’s best loved politician Sushma Swaraj

4 leadership qualities entrepreneurs can imbibe from India’s best loved politician Sushma Swaraj

Sushma Swaraj, popularly known as India’s “best-loved politician” (by the Wall Street Journal) passed away on the 6th of August. She leaves behind a legacy that will be a source of inspiration to many, especially to Indian women. A lawyer by profession, she stepped into the world of politics at the mere age of 25 years. She quickly rose through the ranks becoming the youngest ever Cabinet Minister just at the age of 25 in the Government of Haryana, as well as BJP’s first-ever female minister. She has a lot of firsts to her name.

She served as the Minister of External Affairs in the Modi government from May 2014-May 2019. She brought about many monumental changes during this time. We all know of the pivotal role she played in bringing back many stranded Indians across the world. Her quick wit and her quicker twitter replies left the world stunned. She used social media especially Twitter to help Indians in distress. Her efforts to bring back Uzma – who was forced to marry at gunpoint in Pakistan, the return of deaf and dumb Geeta, the return of Hamid Ansari from Pakistan among many others are inspiring.

“I do not sleep [and] I do not let Indian envoys sleep”, she once said.

She brought her own flair to being the Minister of External Affairs. Even though, people doubted her she proved her worth in this position. She was a fearless, and kind leader.

A powerful force to reckon with, she was admired all over the world, including the opposition party. She is rightly called as the “People’s Minister”.

From dealing with challenges that came her way in a dignified manner to being fearless in her own ways, there’s a lot new entrepreneurs can learn from her.

Here is a list of things entrepreneurs can learn from Sushma Swaraj.

Being Ambitious and Hardworking

From being the first female BJP Minister to being the first female Spokesperson to being the second only female Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj never stopped aiming high. She continued to work hard and bring her own personality and solutions to every position she filled.
As an entrepreneur, being ambitious and hardworking is very important as it keeps you moving forward. It keeps you dedicated. It gives you a target to set sights on, that is absolutely necessary to push you ahead especially in the moments of despair.

Being Fearless

She never shied away from challenges. She held her ground no matter what. In 2015, when leader of Indian Nation Congress, Mallikarjun Kharge moved a motion in the lower house seeking recognition to Sushma Swaraj’s conduct regarding the ‘Indo-UK bilateral relations and Lalit Modi’ issue. The Speaker rejected the motion, but accepted it on Swaraj’s insistence. She justified and clarified the matter fearlessly, leading to a rejection of the motion with a voice vote.

Being fearless should come with being an entrepreneur. Being able to stand up for what you believe in is very important. If you are fearless, it helps you take risks and soar higher.

Connection to people

Swaraj is known for being a great orator. She is also called as the ‘People’s Minister’. The way she could connect to the Indian diaspora and people living in the country is remarkable. She was firm in her judgment but also kind, empathetic and compassionate. She came across as affable and charismatic.

Knowing how to network and connect to people is one of the most important qualities an entrepreneur should possess. Having the right connections, help you right from setting up the business to expanding it to getting newer connections.

Being proud of your roots

Living in the public eye, Sushma Swaraj was always seen wearing a saree, bindi and a matching jacket. She stood tall and proud showcasing the Indian culture. She was a proud Indian and she never failed to show it off.
As an entrepreneur, knowing your roots and knowing where you come from helps you to know where you want to go. It gives you a sense of direction and pride.

So these are some of the qualities we can imbibe from the amazing Sushma Swaraj. What other qualities of hers do you admire? Let us know in a comment below.

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