5 fantastic ideas to develop an enthusiastic team for your startup

5 fantastic ideas to develop an enthusiastic team for your startup

We all work to accomplish our personal goals and success but not all are workaholics. If you’re an entrepreneur with an explosion of ideas waiting to prove yourself, remember you are nothing without your team. Thus, building team spirit and a healthy work environment is a must in order to have the startup flourish. But if the work is pacing slow and your team members are not so enthusiastic…

There’s nothing to worry about. These 5 tips can help your team look forward to work with great zeal.

Develop common goals

Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.
Vince Lombardi

Educate your team that their personal goals and expectations from this job can’t be fulfilled until the startup hits its goals. They can’t expect a promotion or an increment when the startup faces an adverse situation. Tell them that your success is theirs and vice versa. Give them a clear idea of the short term and long term goals you wish your startup should achieve. Address the goal as OUR GOAL rather than MY GOAL.
While filming a movie, the goal of everyone working on it is the success of the film, from the leading actors to the crew working on it.

Similarly, every team member in your startup should develop this feeling.

Make each member responsible

The team you hire may not be perfect, as nothing is. The art of directing it towards the desired goal is one crucial thing you must have. The team is ‘yours’. Developing a feeling of oneness makes them feel liable. Assign tasks and targets after dividing the work. Make sure you convey the right information and then resort the deadlines.
In order to get work done on or before time, do not put impractical deadlines. This may lead to imperfections in the task and may disinterest the person working. Make him answerable for a particular target with sufficient time in order to get the best results. Also, assign one target at a time.

Appreciate the deserving ones

“Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other.”
                                                                                                                               -Randy Pausch

It is said that ‘If the Efforts are appreciated, it is multiplied twice.’ Your team would be as strong as the smartest one in the group. It is important to appreciate and reward the one who deserves. A small thank you note, rewarding bonus or praising ahead of the audience can make them feel recognized. Acknowledging their performance can prove more motivational than bonuses.

While appreciation must be done publicly, criticism should always be private. A humble entrepreneur knows to give credits for his success to every person who assisted him to gain that. If one fails to do so, he might lose the team. Silent gratitude isn’t much to anyone.

Have a friendly and clear conversations

It is a human tendency to hate dominance, thus an entrepreneur should realize that bossing over won’t fetch him good results. He should be a friend, a mentor and a guide to the team. He should not order but lead. And leading the team means being a part of it. The Best Leader is the one who brainstorms along with the team and hears everyone out. No idea is stupid. Great inventions were born through stupid ideas and experiments. Replace the long tedious meetings with small gatherings to motivate.

Ensure that you are exemplary to the team as they learn from you. Your team expects you to be honest and caring. Understand your team members and their problems and try to resolve them. Their loyalty relies on how you gain their trust. It not only helps you to conversate clearly but maintains transparency. A team is always fond of a cheerful and friendly boss.

Create a happy and healthy workspace

India has a great youth population, hence mass recruitment is the trend. The dark side of mass recruiting companies is a bad work environment and no growth. Mainly mass recruiting MNCs are known for its Unhealthy workspace even though their CEOs are revered for their great work. Employees here have to deal with great work pressure.

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Using Fear and dominance fails to bring a good outcome. If you want your startup to grow, erase the burden of fear and dominance from your workspace.

The Workspaces should have a stress free environment. There should be few de-stressing fun activities organized in order to make employees feel relaxed. Also, Shorter breaks at regular intervals helps them work longer. Greeting your employees, asking their welfare makes them feel valued at work. Happy employees are more creative and innovative and stick around work. Allowing a few days off from their work routine would help them come back to work in an optimistic way. A Healthy workplace attracts more employees and motivates others to work regularly.

The most effective team spirit is built if you keep these 5 tips in mind.

No matter how motivated, talented and passionate you are, your team is everything you have as an entrepreneur. Your team would lead you to achieve greatness if you walk with them and not ahead of them!

Teamwork makes the Dream Work.

If you are an entrepreneur, tell us how you keep up the team spirit and the flames of conquering burn.

Snehal Medidar

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