5 Tips to get the most of your college years

Make most of your college life

There are many things you can do to advance your career even if you’re just in college. Most of us just wish to earn a degree at the end of three or four years. In reality, colleges are bountiful ecosystems just waiting to be explored. Here are five things that you must do to fast track your career journey:

Learn new skills

We must not limit ourselves to learning just one skill. Even if you are a student pursuing a Bachelor’s in Physics, it should not stop you from trying out other things. These should also be fields to which you have never been exposed to like entrepreneurship or learning new languages. They act as a creative outlet for you from the seamless studying of Physics. Nevertheless, you get to learn something completely different and out of your comfort zone. It also makes your resume even more unique in the future.

There are plenty of ways of learning new skills-

  • Through training programs in your college

Most colleges offer a wide array of unique skills through different programs. These are either taught in college itself or outside of college. You just need to speak to the concerned authority in charge

  • Online

The internet is a platform that provides innumerable online courses. Some come for free whereas the ones taught by highly acclaimed universities might charge a small fee.

  • Local workshops

Many successful personalities in their respective fields usually conduct workshops in metropolitan cities. Just by enrolling yourself in one such workshop will remove all apprehensions you had about workshops.

The most important reason for learning multiple skills is because it prevents you from being single-minded. This means that you learn to look at problems from multiple perspectives thereby improving the way you work. It makes you stand apart from the crowd.

Work with startups

What we study in college will never prepare us for the real world. We must learn how to apply the theory we spent so many hours learning, in practicality.

The best way to do this is by working with startups.

Working with startups is not a simple thing. It might be the first time that you experience how holding a job feels like and what work really means. But this improves your communication skills, project management, handling tasks and public speaking. It is the best way to test yourself and find out what your limits are.  Sometimes, you even realize that what you are good at is a completely different field from what you study now.

A startup also gives you an idea of how a work environment feels like. It is the best way to find your strengths and weaknesses and improve yourself accordingly.

Start something yourself

This comes under the banner of ‘taking initiative’. If you have already set a career goal for yourself, you must also be willing to do things from your part. This helps to make your goal more attainable.

However, this varies from person to person. If you are interested in writing, then blogging would be a good idea or maybe a short film if you are keen on cinematography. Of course, these need not be consistent with what you are studying in college.

Doing something on your own teaches you the whole process of how everything works. You start from rock bottom, gradually building yourself up and ultimately reaching your goal.


Networking means building professional relationships with people who have information of interest to you. The best place to find such people is in college.  Hence it is important to extract such people from the rest of the crowd and build a professional interaction with them.

Social media is the best and easiest interface to find a possible networking cycle. You learn to bond on similar interests and future goals. They might even have ideas on improving your plan of action towards attaining your objectives.

It will start as a small talk over similar interests. Eventually, you’ll learn that it’s because of that small talk you had with that one friend n number of years ago that you have reached where you are today. So get networking!

Live your best life in college

This is something that is usually forgotten once you start college. The stress burden exponentially increases and students tend to spend more time studying. This is especially the case if you are an engineering or medical student.

Unfortunately, this prevents you from living life. Remember, you only get to have one college life. Hence it is vital that you make the most out of it.

Here are some things that I feel you must do in college;

  • Travel to unexplored places
  • Meet people from various backgrounds
  • Experience love
  • Do things out of your comfort zone

The advantages are incomparable. You feel more relaxed and happy. You make strong bonds with people who stay around for the rest of your life. Psychologically, you feel unburdened. Sometimes, you find that you can study better.

Your college life is something that you treasure for the rest of your life. Make the best out of it and in the future, you will see how everything works out perfectly.

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