6 apps every startup founder must have in 2020

6 apps every startup founder must have in 2020

Technology has become an essential part of our lives. If there is any inconsistency found in the world, there is probably an app or software to solve that for us. In the case of start-up founders or small business owners, the emphasis on being productive and to be on time is far too much. Fortunately, with this virtual blessing we have with us 24*7, here are 6 apps that they must-have for their successful business building.


Long gone are those days when Facebook was used for just chatting or posting. With 2.37 billion monthly active users, Facebook has popped open a whole new demographic. It has included far more features into it for the growing world, which spends more time on social media than anything else. There’s Facebook advertising and almost every brand is using it. Facebook has this new added venture called Facebook for business, enabling your business to grow more. It can help you promote your business in an even better way, using its statistics. Facebook Marketing for small businesses has enabled many brands to get a loyal, trustworthy place for them in the market.
With such a huge number of active users, it presents a greater opportunity for the founders to connect with their audience properly. People can see what they are into, and this gives the business a more trustable following. It acts as a great bridge between customers and the brand.


Nowadays any brand needs to have a social presence, which directly benefits the company. If used correctly, LinkedIn is one such platform that can boost any business. Being the largest professional network platform, LinkedIn has some serious capabilities of business branding as well as personal branding, which are both extremely beneficial for start-up founders.

There are multiple benefits of LinkedIn for business. LinkedIn Networking is all about visibility and capturing more eyes to your brand. Expanding your connections on it can result in real-life opportunities as well. One can ask their connections to provide a recommendation of his or her work, which can help in promoting your business. It helps a lot in getting people to talk about the brands’ accomplishments, experience, and content. One can raise his/her firm’s visibility, build business relationships, secure clients, and convert them into loyal customers.
LinkedIn can assist business owners, the ability to associate with a wide variety of stakeholders, investors, employees and will give the momentum to gather the much-awaited emphasis for their brand or product.


Google has always been one of those companies which provide tools and services for users’ help. GSuite is one such application that has mobility and expansion for its users’ benefit. It is a cloud-based productivity and communication tool.

It provides your business with a professional appeal and makes it more accessible for your entire team can work on the same thing at the same time. It has several communication tools like Hangouts, Gmail along with productivity tools like Docs, Sheets, Slides, and forms. It enables you to use shared calendars and schedule automated email responses. It has unlimited storage space which is always a necessity and is cost-effective, along with a free trial of 14 days to use too. GSuite helps any business team to work productively and completely challenges the significance of being physically present to do a job.

For a variety of businesses, especially for small business owners, GSuite has proven itself to be the best app providing organized collaboration as well as security.


CamScanner is a document scanning and sharing app, which comes very handy. This Android app allows scanning, store and combining documents across smartphones, tablets, and computers. It has a mobile scanner that works by using a camera function within the app. After snapping a picture of the paper you want to scan, the app then recognizes the corners of the sheet and outlines it to crops it. This app allows you to scan documents like invoices, receipts as well as pictures and transforms them into PDFs. Staying in business becomes a very reckless job and to handle documents is even more of a headache. It becomes a necessity to carry the scanned documents of important sheets and that is time this app comes off as a productive one, which makes it a go-to app for businessmen.


Running a start-up is not an easy job. There are multiple meetings to attend and numerous points to jot down at times. It is not feasible to make it all on paper and not practical as well. OneNote is one such app that makes it all hassle-free. OneNote is a digital Notebook to perform various things like keeping notes, making a to-do list, etc. Its star quality is its interface which keeps everything organized. There are options for keeping multiple notebooks and you can also input various audio clips, pictures, hyperlinks, etc for preparing and saving your important documents. It also has a share option where you can share your notebook with your team and discuss it.


There’s a lot of talks right now about the WhatsApp messaging app, and for good reasons. WhatsApp has risen as the go-to messaging app for over 1.6 billion consumers around the globe. It’s a fast, simple way for family and friends to chat, create group texts, share photos and videos, send and receive documents, and engage in private conversations. Now, with the unveiling of WhatsApp Business API, companies worldwide are eager to use it.
Progressive businesses are excited about the potential of the WhatsApp platform. The WhatsApp Business API allows developers to build new experiences that reach even more people resulting in more effective customer engagements. WhatsApp Business now allows businesses to safely and securely, message their customers within the WhatsApp messaging platform.

The growing trend to use business messaging for ‘conversational commerce’ is enabling sales and support teams to answer customer service questions with rich, contextual messages that keep a current customer happy. Thus, for young start-up founders, this app can do wonders in terms of reaching for their potential customers in no time.
Start-up founders and business owners know the importance of time and are thriving for success. However, only a few stand out by understanding the significance of it and their capacity to grow. Therefore, allow yourself to provide a competitive edge by incorporating these apps for your business and enhance your company’s growth.

Which apps did you find most useful? Let us know in the comment box.

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