7 Skills successful entrepreneurs master

7 Skills successful entrepreneurs master

Decades ago, starting a business was considered a difficult task, mainly because of the unfavorable environment for startups and entrepreneurs. With time, things have changed, and with the help of policies under the ambit of Make in India and Digital India, youngsters can start their own business.

With an immense focus on building a self-reliant nation, startups and entrepreneurs are going to be the major factor of growth in India. This means, that it has become easier for people to start their new venture. Despite an easy to enter, market, there is a significant challenge of sustaining it. To gain a firm ground among competitors, start-up and brand owners need to learn other skills of entrepreneurship to retain a firm hold into the market. After learning these skills, entrepreneurs will be able to deal with the trials and tribulations coming between them and their success.

Ability to communicate effectively

The adage, ‘Good communication is the key to success’, applies to everyone. What good is an idea when it is not presented well in front of people? Starting a new venture or a business means generating funds, for which entrepreneurs connect with investors. So, if a person’s idea is unique and effective, it gets equally important for him to make others believe in it, and it is impossible to do that without effective communication. Hence, for entrepreneurs, it is crucial to focus on polishing communication skills. By consistently working on the fluency, clarity, conciseness, and modulation of speech, one can communicate effectively.

Ability to innovate

If there is anything that let a two decades old company Netflix flourish in the entertainment industry dominated by giant conglomerates, then it is innovation.
After starting a business, it is impossible to be the sole provider of products and services in a competition-driven market. There are going to be competitors, and one has to deal with them. It is the innovative ideas and their execution, which makes a product outshine all the similar brands. With a tinge of innovation, entrepreneurs can find unique and influential methods of marketing, producing, and delivering their products to the customer.

Ability to market and sell

Marketing is a crucial tool for entrepreneurs to aware people of the product, build trust among them, and ensure that more and more people are talking about it. This is possible only through marketing. Without marketing, it would be difficult for a brand to maintain its demand, relevance, and reputation in the market. They must be able to retain the lifelong companionship with the soft skill of sale. With a conviction on whatever they are doing, it gets important for entrepreneurs to sell anything, be it their idea, their products, or their dedication to their employees. Along with this, communication is another important condition to be able to sell effectively.

Ability to influence

Being the public face of the company, entrepreneurs must know how to influence their surroundings. More than an equity holder of a company, an entrepreneur is a person who builds a business, runs it, and is responsible for its profit, growth, and loss. From selecting the right person as their employee to make people believe in their company, it is the responsibility of entrepreneurs to find the right people and convince them in the right manner. From motivating and inspiring others, it is a skill that can turn the tables many times.

Ability to lead the team

Entrepreneurs must be able to lead their company with full confidence and control. To achieve sustainable success in business, the confidence of teammates in their leader arises as an important precondition. This is possible only when an entrepreneur can make his teammates believe in his vision. Hence, it gets important in every aspect to develop leadership skills. To become a good leader it is important to have impressive soft skills and the ability to manage effectively. It is only after being fully aware and being ready for challenges; a leader can take the team forward.

Ability to never give up

One of the most important skills of an entrepreneur is the attitude to never give up. As an entrepreneur, it would be silly to expect success all the time. Hence, it is important to understand that failures are an important phase in the journey of a newly built brand. The person behind the magical world of Hogwarts, JK Rowling was rejected several times for her book Harry Potter. But it was only her confidence and endurance that kept her knocking on the doors of several publications and get her book published, which ultimately turned out to be a masterpiece of child fantasies. Hence, a tenacious attitude enables the development of a growth mindset, where people start believing in failing and learning, rather than failing and leaving.

Emotional Intelligence

The quality of understanding her own emotions and consciously dealing with them makes a person smarter. When it comes to entrepreneurship, it gets more important to attain this much smartness. As an entrepreneur, a person needs to be aware of their emotions. Along with this, they must be skillful in dealing with them. However, emotional intelligence is not just about being aware of their own emotions, but it is also about being emotionally empathetic to others. For an entrepreneur to be a good leader, influencer, and manager, it is important to have a good level of emotional intelligence.

There are chances that people might be lacking many of these skills. But no one is born talented, and to be one, they must keep on trying new things and taking on challenges. However, it would be difficult to learn these skills, if they are perceived individually, as all of them share a symbiotic relationship. It is difficult to master some of them by completely ignoring the other ones. For example, it is difficult for a person to be a good leader if he is unable to influence others with his ideas, which means that he will lack in marketing as well. So, all the skills of entrepreneurs can be developed only by taking up new challenges and learning from them.

Sharmila Bhadoria
Sharmila Bhadoria

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