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A future as bright as a diamond-How Ketan Diamonds is cutting its way up to the top with its range of incredibly designed and affordable diamond jewelry

Fashion icon Marilyn Monroe once rightly said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. It would be incredible to have these diamonds at our fingertips, so leave it to the phenomenal Ketan Diamonds to make this a reality. Started in 2018 by Supriya Sampath and Sampath Raj, Ketan Diamonds is an e-commerce jewelry store with a wide range of jewelry. They have over 2500 designs of gold and diamond jewelry. The husband-wife duo aimed at creating a platform for people to buy diamond jewelry from a trustworthy source, and also share their knowledge and experiences relating to diamonds. “After over a decade of work in the diamond business, we felt it’s important to keep pace with the changing times and brought up the idea of starting an e-commerce jewelry store to cater to the internet-savvy jewelry buyers of today’s digital era”, says the duo on being asked about the idea behind the store’s establishment.

The company’s underlying philosophy is that of 3 P’s – Pure, Perfect and Precious. This philosophy is adopted and infused while creating unique pieces and outstanding designs. When asked about their secret to remaining successful and staying ahead in the game, they said,

Our USP is our Quality and Pricing, also our buy-back policy is far better and more transparent than others in the industry. Though there are many players in the market, we are confident that, with its unique proposition and the eternal purity of diamonds, Ketan diamonds will outshine others and will stand out in the market.

The duo aims at making Ketan Diamonds India’s most trusted, leading online jewelry store with a wide variety of jewelry choose from. Their impeccable services and offers are sure to make them the most trusted brand in India.

Founder and Co-founder Mr. and Mrs. Sampath
Founder and Co-founder Mr. and Mrs. Sampath

Ketan Diamonds resolves the struggle of buying good quality, unique and high-end diamond jewelry by offering a wide range of designer and customized jewelry at an affordable price along with EMI options. We offer over 2500 designs of gold and diamond jewelry on our website. In terms of services, we provide old jewelry exchange as well as jewelry cleaning service at your doorstep. We also have a strong customer service and support team which ensures the jewelry is reaching you in the said timeline and post-delivery, they also take customer feedback.

When it comes down to the designing of their pieces, they consult design experts from various cities, and they have a very experienced and talented in-house design team. They also collaborate with top jewelry designers to get their best work displayed on the website. The team’s devotion, unwavering dedication and immense hard work is what makes Ketan diamonds the dynamic and astounding online jewelry store that it is today. Their creativity and passion for achieving the company’s goal of becoming India’s best-selling online jewelry store are what make the products and designs so unique and valuable. Besides the authentic inbuilt spirit and incredible ideology, the team also has a conducive market scenario to take advantage of. “Online jewelry sales are gaining ground and, according to the IBEF report, is estimated to account for 1-2% of the fine jewelry segment by 2021-22. It may seem like a small percentage, but it amounts to a substantial figure given that the size of the Indian jewelry market is huge — it is currently valued at close to $60Bn and is expected to touch $100Bn-$110Bn in the next four to five years. Of course, all is not glittery and gold in the jewellery industry.

Besides ensuring authenticity, quality and credibility, there are other factors that the company has to look out for. “There are so many factors like consumer purchase behavior, market trends, suppliers, banks, government support agencies, introducing new trends and designs, adequate marketing and promotions, etc. However, the key threats are fierce price competition with competitors and attaining the trust from customers with constant brand-building efforts”. With a fast-growing customer base, Ketan Diamonds is paving the way to becoming India’s most trusted, dynamic, best-selling, and loved online jewellery store.

On being asked about what the future of the brand looks like, the Founder optimistically replied,

We are working with targeted growth plans for the next 5 years – we plan to create 30 cities presence with physical offices in 6 metro cities and add another 3000 jewelry designs to our existing 1000 plus design collection. In terms of team size, we will add close to 80 people more. We have already started with customer support helpline and live chat services for better connectivity with customers. We plan to bring our “Try at Home” service across 30 cities in the country. We want to be the fastest online jewellery provider and would launch Next Day Delivery (within 48 hours) provision for customers, starting with metro cities and expanding the option to Tier-2 cities.

Soon, the brand is going to launch an exclusive vacation-inspired jewelry collection called ‘Glam Voyage’. This would be dedicated especially for mothers who travel around with their kids during the summer vacation. This out-of-the-box idea is designed to ensure that women are able to travel light and simultaneously look fashionable.

However, at the end of the day, the success of the brand depends on how determined and incredible the Founders are and how equipped they are to face challenges. The duo believes in staying focused and optimistic when it comes to achieving their goals and of course, striving hard to attain success.

Their advice to other entrepreneurs lie in these inspiring lines – “Entrepreneurs are risk-takers and are highly passionate about their work which keeps them detained and work harder. Another big quality every entrepreneur needs to possess or cultivate is patience. My advice to upcoming entrepreneurs will be to stay focused, be more optimistic and strive hard to achieve your goals.” Ketan Diamonds undoubtedly looks like a successful startup with a bright and shiny future, akin to the characteristic of their diamonds. The diamond jewellery industry is a thriving one, and one can say without a doubt that Ketan Diamonds is here to stay and slay.

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