Are you stuck with Yo-Yo Dieting??

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These days all of us seem to be struggling with our weights. How much we all wish that whatever we eat, it should not impact our waistline, but nowadays it seems a single deep breath may pound a kilo on us. Why are we gaining weight so fast  & easy?

When we have events like weddings or reunion parties or office functions, we strive our best to fit into that special dress and lose weight efficiently, but within a few weeks after that, the weight seems to come back with a vengeance- bring along all its anger as extra weight. The scuffle then begins again. This is called Yo-Yo dieting.

Let us understand what is actually happening and why do we get caught in this.

Yo-Yo dieting means a series of a cycle where a person loses and gains back the weight again. These are repeated cycles of short term changes in diet and lifestyle which first helps you to lose weight and the moment people get back to their favorite foods and binge and get back to their normal lifestyle, they end up gaining weight and sometimes even more than what they had lost. We sometimes get tired of this and take it easy and feel that maybe this is the way it is meant to be and go on being a part of the Yo-Yo dieting. Is it actually healthy to repeatedly lose and gain weight?

Ill effects of yo-yo dieting:

The repeated cycles of weight loss and gain have several health impacts:

  • It Interrupts the brain’s understanding. Our brain interprets these periods as short famines and thus the body ends up gaining weight. Also, then the next cycle of losing weight becomes more and more difficult.
  • Yo-Yo dieting disrupts the gut bacteria. These hundred trillion microbial organisms that live in our gut get disturbed by the frequent changes in our gut environment due to the short term changes in diet and lifestyle. These changes in microbial diversity lead to Gastrointestinal problems like IBS, constipation, acidity and even obesity.
  • The gut microbes manage our immune system, our metabolism, psychological health and our overall health and once they are disturbed, it impacts our total well being.
  • Another thing that counts as ill effects is psychological frustration because each time we lose weight we deprive ourselves of food and then with repeated cycles when weight loss becomes difficult, we start losing confidence.
  • Also, this significantly increases the risk of diabetes for people who are overweight.
Why do we gain weight?

Past researches have shown that 80% of people who have lost a significant amount of weight have gained it back. Why does this happen?

Actually, when people lose weight, they tend to pull out one or more macro-nutrients. They either go low on carbohydrates or low on calories and the body metabolism gets disrupted. The body uses the protein reserves as people usually reduce their diet and exercise hard. Once they resume their normal eating before the protein reserves or protein memory is filled up, the fat memory gets filled faster. This makes them gain more weight, even more than what they had shed.

Benchmark for a program to be successful for weight loss?

Internationally, a weight loss program is set to be successful only when people following that program lose more or equal to 5% of their current weight and sustain it over a year. The study done in the past, when the commercial programs were compared, the Metabolic Balance program has been found to reach this benchmark by 62.5%, whereas programs like NHS or Weight Watchers have done it only 21% and 31% respectively. The Metabolic Balance program has adhered to following these guidelines of losing more than 5% of the weight and sustaining it over a year.

What is the Metabolic Balance program and how does it help in Yo-Yo dieting?

Metabolic Balance Program is a German innovated nutrition program present globally in over 30 countries around the world. Each country has a food plan adapted to the food items available there. Each nutrition plan is individualized and the amount of proteins, carbohydrate and fat are also balanced according to body requirements.

The program has a unique attribute to let an individual know which proteins suit them. The blood chemistry is matched with food chemistry and this list is worked out in Germany. Thus, we get to know what foods are good for us and in what amounts we can have them.

The entire plan development is based on an individual’s blood analysis, medical history, food preferences, and their anthropometric measurements. When we lose weight with the Metabolic Balance program, it not only helps sort our hormones and our metabolism and but helps us lose weight effectively. The program ensures that the food is balanced in a manner wherein the person gets enough of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and is not using or depleting the protein reserves of the body and burns fat efficiently. Understanding the concept and following the golden rules of this program helps a person in the long term weight management.

Say Bye-Bye to Yo-Yo dieting and get your Metabolic Balance nutrition program made for good health and vitality!!

Taranjeet Kaur

Somya Sharma

Nutrition Counselor | Head Nutritionist & Program Manager- Metabolic Balance (India)

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