Artificial Intelligence: A boon to digital marketers

Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” Sir Albert Einstein

That said, Technology has evolved and changed over the years tremendously! It has helped various fields to develop and grow massively with time. One such major technological introduction in the recent past is Artificial Intelligence. AI has been a trending topic off late for all the right reasons. Artificial intelligence as we all know is basically intelligence showcased by machines wherein it empowers machines to think, carry out tasks and reply as humans do. AI is so developed today that it even analyses situations through past experiences and adjusts its further line of activity or response accordingly! In fact, as per a study by Top Rank Marketing, 1.82 billion people worldwide are projected to use a chat app in 2019 and by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the venture without interacting with a human.

The introduction of artificial intelligence has impacted a lot of fields in various positive ways. It has eased out process and made it more efficient and reliable than ever before. Smart home devices, smart watches, chatbots are just a few examples of Artificial Intelligence. Digital marketing for that matter has benefitted through Artificial Intelligence in ways more than one would have ever imagined and is definitely here to stay for good.

Here are a few reasons why Artificial Intelligence is said to be a boon to digital marketers:

Accurate Audience Targeting

As digital marketers, it’s very important to tap the right Target Audience based on your brand and campaigns, without which you cannot make full use of your budgets or even reach your goal. AI has helped increase precision in digital marketing activities by identifying the right TG as per your requirements. It ensures accurate results, thereby improving the efficiency in work. With efficiency like this, it not only helps you save time but money as well.

Better Customer Experiences

AI helps in understanding your audience better which further enables one to improve customer experiences. It ensures a great user experience for all. Chatbots, for example, helps brands connect with their customers directly in a much easier way than before. With direct contact like this, you can solve customer grievances efficiently & quickly, thereby saving tarnishing your brand’s image.

Predicting Future Trends

AI studies and predicts the behavior of existing customers and helps predict future trends in digital marketing. This helps marketers to plan their next move accordingly. AI can hence prove to work wonders for your brand if implemented in the right manner. It can help make our marketing efforts more effective and also help solve customer problems faster.

Creating Better Content

Artificial Intelligence helps in creating better content for us customers and viewers. By studying and identifying the likes and recent trends of our existing customers, AI helps us recommend better suggestions to our customers which are pretty accurate most of the times. Instagram for example, studies the kind of pages you like to usually follow and suggests similar pages.

Better Searches

The way in which people search online has changed over the years. AI has enabled one of the biggest advancement in this space by introducing voice searches. In a blog by Google, it revealed that around 70% of the searches Google Assistant receives are in natural, conversational language, and do not use the typical key works that you would type out in a typical Google search. Brands can benefit from voice searches to a huge extent as it can help them increase their organic traffic to a great level. This can be done by modifying the typical keywords that a person would rather speak in a conversational format than a written one.

All in all, Artificial Intelligence has many more benefits than what one can pen down in a few words. Understanding its functionality and uses is the only way for brands to grow, flourish and stay with the times.

Manasvita Subramanian

Manasvita Subramanian

I work with SpiceTree Design agency as a Manager - Digital Promotions

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