Beat any storm with these mental hacks

Beat any storm with these mental hacks

Among the most invaluable lessons life will ever teach you is that, in order to climb up the ladder of success, you need to believe in your own abilities. While potential may broaden the range of opportunities available, it is ultimately confidence that creates achievers and go-getters, people who are able to vanquish every hurdle on their path and emerge on the other side as strong, resilient individuals.

Yet, equanimity often eludes us in times of crisis. Personal and professional failures such as rejection from employers, financial setbacks, or collapse of relationships often affects us adversely. Feelings of inferiority and crippling self-doubt further weaken our combating mechanisms. It is particularly in these moments that we must remind ourselves that all is not lost, that even if we hit rock bottom, there is always a chance to bounce back. And with these tried and tested mental hacks for confidence, you will always be able to keep your career game strong!

Analyze your problems

Most of us tend to feel overwhelmed when faced with difficulties. However, instead of indulging in aimless, incessant brooding, it would be a good idea to evaluate the situation from a neutral perspective, and to calculate the risks involved. Ask yourself: If the worst comes to the worst, what could happen? What are the stakes? And how can I turn the wheel around? This kind of constructive thinking lifts the fog of uncertainty cluttering your mind, imparts clarity of vision, subconsciously prepares you for the challenges, and also provides solutions to most of your problems.

Know your strengths

This consists in recognizing and prioritizing what you can do, instead of what you can’t. When you are at your lowest, playing to your strengths is always helpful. Hence, do not encourage unregulated self-criticism, for it will only hamper the course of your functioning. You would also not want to compare yourself to others, since it brings down your self-esteem. Instead, identify what your abilities are, and think of how you can utilize your unique individuality to work your way out of the quandary.

Face your fears

Only by challenging your fears will you be able to overcome them. When you plunge right into an abyss of hardships, you naturally develop the ability to survive, despite all odds. Entrepreneurs often experience their business plans going topsy-turvy when faced with a blunt rejection from investors or, say, a stark drop in sales. However, evading your problems or wallowing in lamentation won’t help. You need to accept the reality, figure out what the exact impediments to success or reasons for failure are, and accordingly devise a strategy for rebuilding your life.

Stay positive

Your mind has the power to control your entire being, your choices and actions, thereby determining the course of your life. Scores of philosophers and psychologists have reiterated this idea. Hence, beware of the thoughts you allow to nestle in your mind. The key to overcoming obstacles is to limit negative thinking. Have faith in yourself; acknowledge and appreciate your achievements. If you have come this far, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to manage the next bit.

Take care of yourself

You will be pleasantly surprised at the miracles a healthy mind and body are capable of. Irregular sleep schedules and lack of proper nutrition can enhance stress and anxiety, further restricting your ability to tackle hardships. So fix a routine for yourself, have timely meals, and follow a balanced diet. Try exercising regularly as it boosts endorphins and releases negative energy. Provide creative and emotional nourishment to your mind, be it through traveling, writing poetry, feeding stray dogs, or cooking. A fulfilled man is a happy man, they say, and quite truly so.

Be prepared

When you haven’t studied for an exam, there is cause to be worried. But when you have spent nights and days analyzing problems and working out solutions, half of your concerns are already dealt with. Hence, the ultimate secret of success lies in preparation. Spend as much time as you can to build yourself in your formative years. Learn new skills that will help advance your career, secure yourself financially, and engage in productive activities to upgrade your talents. Investing in yourself, as you will realize, is the best way to combat personal and professional calamities.

Life is fraught with trials and tribulations, and that is what makes living so worthwhile. Had there been no challenge to undertake, no storm to conquer, our existence would have lost its sense of purpose. Instead of being weighed down by difficulties, therefore, let’s make this a chance to explore our greatest strengths and work on our fallibilities. These simple yet effective practices will help you remain confident under the toughest of circumstances. All you’ve got to do is to hold your ground and believe that everything, even the most grievous of adversities, shall pass.

For where there is a will, there is a way.

Shrestha Bhattacharya
Shrestha Bhattacharya

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