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Happy Diwali 2019

Diwali is a festival that signifies righteousness and triumph of good over evil, light over darkness and prosperity over poverty. It is celebrated on the 15th day of Kartika. The festival is not just related to Hindus but people from all cultural and social backgrounds come together to celebrate their oneness. You know Diwali is just around the corner when you see people commencing with their annual house cleanup, friends exchanging gifts and sweets, diyas and rangolis encircling houses. While all these are the traditional ways of celebrating Diwali, how about we do something unique this Diwali? Maybe take some inspiration from the entrepreneurial spirit.

Well, if you’re an entrepreneur then this Diwali, don’t try to be the boss and just go with the flow. Here are a few tips for you that will help you brighten up your Diwali this year and make it awesome for you and the people associated with you.

Brighten up your workplace

This Diwali let us try to provide an environment to our employees that would make them appreciate their job. Try to brighten up the workplace by decorating it with Diyas and lights. While Diwali is called the festival of lights it is not just about the physical aesthetics but also a change in the mental mindset of people about life. Remind your employees why they started working with you, inspire them to do their best as individuals.

As Bo Schembechler once said “The Team! The Team! The Team!” When we express our gratitude towards our employees, it can be motivating, increases engagement and strengthens their loyalty towards their work and the company. All of these things are desirable for any business.

Nothing is possible in a company without cooperative employees and this Diwali, we must let them know that they are valued and appreciated for their service.

Visit people, not just the ones you’re related to but also the ones who need you

You might be a lucky chap if you have family around you but not everyone is as privileged.
Empathy is one of the guiding doctrines of any promising entrepreneur. The ability to understand people connect to them and their problems is the task that every remarkable entrepreneur is good at. We may never know how lonely a person is, so the next time if you spot someone you can help in your capacity, do it without thinking twice. Because there is nothing purer than a deed that is done for someone who has nothing to offer to us.

Visit people, not just the ones you're related to but also the ones who need you

Here are a few things you can do to give back to the community.

  • Visit nursing homes to be around people who have no family to visit.
  • If you know your neighbor has no plans this Diwali then invite them for dinner
  • If any of your employees are unable to go back to their hometown, let them know they are always welcomed at your place for celebration.

Because Diwali is all about doing good and celebrating togetherness.

Spread awareness about the aftermath of Diwali

According to State of India’s Environments (SoE) report in 2019: Air pollution is responsible for 12.5 percent of all deaths in India. Its impact on children is equally disturbing. Over 100,000 children below the age of five die due to bad air quality in the country.

We as citizens need to step forward and take action against all the ill activities that are done to our environment. Spread awareness about the harmful effects of crackers that are burnt during Diwali.

Save Earth

Firecrackers not only affect our health by inducing throat, nasal and lung problems but also result in water contamination and acid rain. The dioxins in crackers are linked to cancer. With them being used without any precautionary methods, the risk of environmental damage further increases.

The noise from crackers is traumatic to pets, as they cannot bear loud sounds. Along with pets, babies and senior citizens are also disturbed by noise pollution. At times the sudden sound of bursting bombs can be the cause of an elderly or toddler getting a heart attack. Heart patients and patients of chronic bronchitis and poor immune system are at elevated danger levels too.

These are more than enough reasons for any rational person to refrain from burning crackers.

Support local and small businesses

This Diwali, let’s ditch the online shopping and refrain from shopping China-Products. As an entrepreneur, you understand the value of support and what difference it can bring to your business. So be a good citizen and support the local Indian brands, buy Diwali buy lamps from the street vendor instead of spending a higher amount for the same product in a Mall because for you it’s just a lamp, but for them, it means that their child won’t sleep hungry. Supporting small businesses means supporting a dream. When innovative ideas are supported at the start they further go on to inspire others to come up with original & creative ideas. When we support a business we are saying that “yes I trust in your innovations” which give the local vendors a boost of confidence with which they stand tall in front of big corporates.

Diya Seller
The Story Of The Indian Lamp Shown In Trump’s New Ad

Elena Castañeda, founder and CEO of Bling Jewelry and Ayllu, grew a small, sterling silver jewelry business based in her one-window, one-room apartment on 84th Street into a multi-million dollar online global company.
With the right kind of support and encouragement, any type of business can bloom regardless of the difficulties.

Lend helping hand to the needy

Diwali is usually around the month of October and by the end of Diwali, winter starts. We see a lot of people living on the streets and even though we might not be capable of bringing them out of this condition, one thing we can do is help with all we have. Here are a few ways in which we can help the poor:

  • Moral support, because nothing is better than showing heartfelt respect and humbleness to someone.
  • Financial help and raising funds can provide them with an opportunity to get themselves back on their feet.
  • Donating food, clothes, books and other necessities, while you clean out your wardrobe before Diwali, make certain that you give out the clothes that you no longer wear.
  • Education, the power of knowledge helps people come out of the spirals of poverty. Through education, we can teach them a skill that they can use to get employed and support themselves independently.
Catch up with long lost friends

What is a better stress buster than meeting your old friends, being with your cousins and talking about the good old days when you didn’t have a care in the world? Even though life happened and everyone got engrossed in their own but Diwali is the time where families and friends come together to cherish their oneness. Diwali is the perfect time to let go of all the old grudges and forgive people and also to apologize for your mistakes and mend the broken bonds. Bonds not just between friends but relatives or other family members.

Catch up with long lost friendsWe can visit our parents, meet them and be with them as they have been with us through all the years of struggle. Now is the time we can pay them back. Although we might just never be able to. But we can do our best to make them feel like they are a part of you. It’s our obligation to help and listen to their requirements.

Use the festive period to your advantage

If you’re an Indian you presumably know that Diwali is a gazetted holiday so the buzz in the marketplace slows down during the day of Diwali. So if you’re an entrepreneur dealing in goods, you can take advantage of it as the competition is low but demand still exists. Research your markets and take advantage of the opportunity. A lot of seasonal businesses look for festivals as an opportunity to sell in the market. Being an entrepreneur, you must research your market and target audience.

Catch up with long lost friends

The festival is all about happiness, lights, and togetherness. Use this as an opportunity to show the people around you that they are appreciated and they mean a lot to you. Look after the well being of not just yourself or your family but everyone present in the ecosystem. Do good for others, not as a duty but as a kind gesture. Remove all the toxicity from your life including people who try to bring you down and the ones who don’t add any value to your life. In Diwali 2019, let the good triumph over the evil and let the lights guide your way.

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