Artist Krupa Shah

Combining Art with Entrepreneurship-Abstract artist Krupa Shah inspires her audience

Almost all of us have painted something at some point in our lives. Some struggle with getting the dried acrylic paint off the paintbrush and some with not dirtying that one bottle of white paint. But what Krupa Shah has done with ‘painting’ makes us look beyond the world of painting that we know.  So let’s get to know her first. Krupa Shah is a Mumbai based abstract artist, art aficionado, philanthropist, entrepreneur and a mentor.

The time when I found my true calling was amidst schooling, during a trip with family when I started noticing things closely – be it people or places.

Krupa makes us wonder how much difference it makes, to just look at things up close. It is kind of like a butterfly effect if you look a bit closer.

At the very beginning what helped her was the fact that her family was moderately liberal. Krupa always had the freedom to play around with colors, experiment with different surfaces and papers. She used to exhaust heaps of brushes and palette knives, and explore what she could witness, and what she couldn’t. Now let’s move on to talking about her actual art!

My paintings are a reflection of my emotions, feelings and imaginations.

For her, her work is a language she creates to communicate through the means of a canvas. How beautiful it is to have something you create serves as a language for you (and make money out of that language as well!).  In her painting, she uses different textures, colors, and techniques – just like different moods – sometimes vibrant and joyous, or sad, shallow and deep. Often the way our mood cannot be decoded, neither can our art because it is an amalgamation of so many different states of mind put together in a single entity.   She lives by the saying “An artist cannot separate himself from his creativity “. Everyone is an artist at the end of the day. Living in itself is an art.

Artist Krupa Shah
Krupa Shah with her work

Of course, like any other field, there is a lot of competition in the field of art itself. Krupa has a different take on this altogether.

No two people can envisage the same concept.

When asked about what sets her art apart, Krupa gave us this beautiful perspective. Her art automatically stands out from the rest because of the nature of subjectivity. She does not follow a defined approach and nor does she have a specific theme color, shape, symbol, structure, place or composition. As often said, monotony is poverty, whether in speech or in life (or in art). For the viewers too, the composition and color alongside the hidden depth unfold with time and has the power to take them on a journey of discovery.

I constantly strive to create artworks that stir questions, more than an answer.

That is what makes any piece of work powerful. For Krupa, the viewer’s opinions, queries, judgments do hold a lot of importance to her and for this, she maintains a feedback book.

It goes unsaid how meaningful colors are to an artist. While Krupa does love playing around with colors, she admits that she is attracted to all shades of yellow. Well, who can blame her! As she said, yellow signifies positivity, optimism, happiness, hope and joy. (Also. Yellow, Coldplay. Yellow, Van Gogh. Comment below if you are a fan of yellow as well!)

I believe, the process of building up colors to your painting is similar to preparing a perfume.

So what has she done so far and how is she doing so much?

 It gives me immense pleasure to be associated as an active member of FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry), Women Economic Forum, All Ladies League, and Swanath Foundation.

Being able to share her experiences, joys, struggles, and inspiring everyone around her drives to be better each day. But what truly keeps her going are her own desires to create what she loves and to form an individual identity through it.

Krupa Shah with her daughters
Krupa Shah with her daughters

What helps Krupa in managing the roles of being a painter, an entrepreneur and a mother is looking at things from a broader perspective. The more interesting fact is that she doesn’t even consider these roles to be different!

 I’m not only a mother to my daughters but also to my canvas, craft, business and students.

She spilled some truth of life by telling us that nothing in life ever comes easy. What worked out for her was finding a balance between professional life and personal life. She even likes to get pampered by the “me” time and thinks all of us should too.

So many things are jam-packed in one journey! For those of you who are interested in learning and growing, there is some awesome advice coming up!

There’s no denying that in the past couple of decades, the interest of people in artwork has risen to a great extent.

Krupa believes that due to the exposure that digital media gives, artists have started receiving recognition and artwork. It is true as a larger audience is created all together and open space is available for artists (the Internet makes everything easy. Period.)

Following your passion without fearing the outcome is the advice that Krupa wants to give to the young aspirants, especially women in India. Besides this, she even tells us that one should focus on practicing and learning rather than preaching when young. To women who complain about not having enough time to pursue their interests she would like to say that they shouldn’t let lack of time hold them back from neglecting themselves, their craft, or work.

Learn to say NO when needed, let go of perfection, avoid multitasking, and have fun along the way. There’s nothing that can stop you from reaching your potentials, but yourself!

The current focus for Krupa is to spread awareness and bring about a change through her artwork backed by cosmic energy.

Mrs. Kokilaben Ambani checking out the New India painting by Artist Krupa Shah
Mrs. Kokilaben Ambani checking out the New India painting by Artist Krupa Shah

Her future plans are to keep evolving and giving back to society what it gives to her.  She even held a four-day exhibition called “Kara” where she gave her viewers an opportunity to look into her paintings and understand the art of abstractionism, realism, and everything in between. More on Kara:

Kara was an abstract art exhibition that represented some of the new artworks and achievements of her artistic life. The exhibition featured installations of her signature collection, ‘Abhiscka – The Chank’, ‘Aum Collection’, and ‘Vintage Collection’ along with an exclusive painting highlighting Hon’ble Prime Minister Modi’s message for ‘New India’ in line with the slogan – Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Jai Vigyan, and Jai Anusandhan. Kara also displayed artworks created by the orphans of the government-aided voluntary organization Swanath Foundation.

Mr. Purshottam Rupala intrigued by an Abstract Art Painting by Artist Krupa Shah
Mr. Purshottam Rupala intrigued by an Abstract Art Painting by Artist Krupa Shah

After covering the journey of Krupa and art and everything in between, as entrepreneurs and as people, we got to learn a lot of things.

It is important to believe in the art that is you. And what truly matters is, pushing yourself to wake up that one morning, saying hi to that one person, making food for yourself that one morning, not giving up after thousands of rejections, and just striving to be better than who you were yesterday.

Everyone has a different meaning of a challenge, for Krupa, it is her art itself that she wants to outdo. So wake up and you do you! And let us know through the mail ( or below in the comment section so your story can be shared to inspire people, just like the story of Krupa.

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