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Creativity hand in hand with technology, Shiraz Khan takes SDA to a fruitful journey

Be a game changer, the world is already full of players.

If this is what he preaches, Shiraz Khan, Founder and CEO, Spicetree Design Agency Pvt. Ltd. (SDA) practices it too. A firm follower of this saying, Shiraz believes that a business can stand out in the market and climb up the success ladder, only if it makes a difference and sustains that practice

Needless to say, SDA is built on this very principle and is offering a unique blend of creativity and advanced technology for digital marketing to its clients, that is mostly an explored territory for the competitors.

I have always been a creative person and liked unveiling the concealed & subliminal meanings behind several brand ads and campaigns.” Mr. Shiraz Khan.

Shiraz Khan, Founder and CEO, Spicetree Design Agency Pvt. Ltd. (SDA)
Mr. Shiraz Khan, Founder and CEO, Spicetree Design Agency Pvt. Ltd. (SDA)

In this era of the digital revolution, technology is constantly evolving, and so is consumer behavior, making the industries adapt to it at a fast pace. Alongside this, more information is available for consumption, opening up a plethora of choices, making it harder for a product or service to get noticed. Undoubtedly, here a creative approach of marketing, coupled with innovative technology, stands a better chance to reach the target audience and grab the right eyeballs. This is exactly what SDA is doing for its clients, portraying their vision in a creative way

A man with an endless thirst for creativity and curiosity to know everything that enhances the impact of his work, Shiraz rightly realized that only a perfect blend of creativity and innovations will make his business have a worthwhile journey to success. Spicetree Design Agency entered the digital marketing arena in 2004 and in the last fifteen years, has etched a strong foothold in the field of web, digital and print design space. Under Shiraz’s firm guidance, SDA is now an established brand with a team of 30 creative brains relentlessly working towards newer goals.

Starting off to start SDA with is savings,  it took Shiraz a lot of his sweat and energy to make SDA what it is today. Following his vision, his able team creates print, web and offers an array of digital marketing solutions, that includes search engine optimization, social media optimization, social media marketing, mailers and retargeting to make its clients grow as a brand in the market. Alongside, SDA also builds brand images for clients and offer consultation on products and services. Going by Shiraz’s notion of blending creativity with technology, the company makes use of advanced technology and innovative tools to retain and further enhance the quality of its offerings. Thus, technologies like LAMP stack, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, JQuery, Angular; other tools like Bootstrap, WordPress, Code Ignitor, Magneto; advanced software like Dream weaver, Sublime, Photoshop, Notepad ++, Illustrator, CorelDraw and After Effects have been introduced in their functioning from time to time.

Shiraz asserts, “Our difference lies in our core philosophy of obtaining ‘factual creativity’ viz. the perfect blend of creative thought and scientific analytics. One would argue that the two words do not typically go together, making it an anomaly. However, we lay immense importance on offering practicality through our creative solutions in a unique and unfound manner. This correspondingly translates to the image of our clientele enabling them to stand out from the crowd.” 

SDA Team
SDA Team

Currently, SDA serves over 1200 clients of a wide variety- from travel, event management, corporate, finance, engineering, manufacturing, architecture, to education, retail, F&B and real estate.

When it comes to its own growth, the company is now diversifying into the foray of ad film production, in an attempt to sustain and enhance its creative brilliance, as envisioned by Shiraz. The process has already been started by setting up the company’s own studio unit to produce short films and ad films. Making superior quality ad films or short films in-house, to cater to audiences in streaming platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, is therefore SDA’s tangible growth target set for the next six months. This is an endeavor to bring back the notion of concept to digital marketing, which is still a crucial aspect in any form of communication.

In this eventful journey of fifteen years, it’s not just growth and success that the company has witnessed, but failures and downfall too. But Shiraz had learned to keep calm and translate the failures into learning for himself and his organization. With eyes set on new plans and ventures, SDA surely has many more things to unfold in the future!

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