Self-grooming tips for entrepreneurs

Did you ever think self-grooming could be vital for successful entrepreneurship?

In this era of new-and-coming entrepreneurial ventures, one comes across many hurdles to cross. While it is considered a foremost need to secure investors to scale the business, many tend to overlook the key asset – You are your primary investment. It indeed takes a whole lot of mettle to step out there, at the same time, how you do it has become equally fundamental.

Grooming has been a branch of human existence since immemorial times, so why should entrepreneurs be left out? Guess what has become as important as having an innovation to be one.. Appearance & method, too!

It is one thing to think of an initiative and whole lot different to transform it into the money-making machine y’all dream of. I get it, it’s easier said than done – which is why here I am, answering to all the why’s and how’s of Entrepreneur Grooming.

Reflect your vision

You are the face of your company. How you communicate the essence of your creation, the way you choose to dress, even the minute details such as your posture, when you venture into the world of fancy corporate meetings, conveys a message. The untidy or disorganized front is bound to be unfavorable and instill a sense of unreliability & disinterest. Try and shape your image that complies with the face-value of your company that you wish to put forth. Grooming is aimed at making it constructive.

Remember, Steve Jobs was fired from Apple

No state is ever as bad as it may seem to you, it just isn’t in your favor at that point. It is a common practice to weigh the pros and cons that you may come across along the way. Not each and every pitch will bring out a positive outcome. It is OK to fail or have to restart – what displays growth is the strengthened personality that evolves. It is imperative to have a positive outlook and feel confident about yourself. Groomed self projects resolute faith during professional interactions and is more likely to attract partnerships.

Embrace your uniqueness

Stand your ground, because that’s your style, and that’s what’s going to set you apart. Let your approach be yours only and distinctive. At the same time, communicate your originality so it leaves a lasting impression and incites curiosity.

Of course, there is a myriad of inspirational sources around and few similarities are bound to creep in, but it is the truly prototypical ideas that sell, survive, and grow. A tailored persona never restricts growth, and it is evident in work and manner and is ready for bigger challenges. It is due to a lack of scalable ideas that 9 out of 10 start-ups shut down within the first five years itself.

“Entrepreneurship is about creating change, not just companies”
-Mark Zuckerberg

Bear Grylls is adaptive. Be like Bear Grylls

Develop flexibility in your nature. Lose the ‘my way or the highway’ attitude. You’ll come across a great variety of people – for networking, stakeholders, and for a plethora of such affairs – and the harshest of environments, learn to work a way out through every situation or fit right into it – mold as the need may be.

Simultaneously, bend as long as it doesn’t break your back. Stand firm on your opinions. People you contact need to be able to take you seriously – exude an influential character. A developed personality is like a rubber band – it is elastic, but does not break under strain.

Practice self-motivation

In a county like India, with such reputed B-Schools and other institutes, there is a lack of ‘hands-on’ training and support. Even the entrepreneurship-devoted courses seem to lack the motivational aspects often. With such an arrangement, up-and-coming entrepreneurs seem to be short of an edge over others.

Motivation holds a different meaning for different people. One can run out of steam, so how to get back on track?
Some may look back at their past goals, see what they’ve accomplished. Some may hone their skills by keeping at it every day.

Don’t neglect your brainstorming sessions

A great scheme often comes from a bunch of ideas you thought were too crazy to be executed. Have such sessions with your crew to expand your collective thought process and enhance participation. Try to pen down as much as possible to have a wide spectrum of ideas to begin with, to eventually filter and apply a reasonable one to execute. A successful entrepreneur portrays inclusion and healthy encouragement, as not every creative thought proves feasible.

How crazy can you think of? How about a ‘Smart Dustbin’? Yup, that’s what start-up, ThinkScream brings to people with the simple ideology of “solving everyday problems in an innovative way, one solution at a time,” says co-founder of ThinkScream, Raj Desai.

Lastly, all the promising entrepreneurs need to focus on personal grooming amidst such a cut-throat organizational atmosphere in order to outshine the rest. It’s not always about thinking big, think smart and turn that into something big

Deeksha Sethi
Deeksha Sethi

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