Expanrr Founder shares 5 secrets to entrepreneurial success

5 secrets to entrepreneurial success

We see highly successful entrepreneurs around us and wonder what the secret to their success is. Working hard every day to stay competitive and take the business ahead is not an easy task. But then, is it really so complicated? Or, have those who did not succeed immediately did not follow the basics of entrepreneurship?  Expannr founder Shiv Mishra explains this dilemma.

Entrepreneurship is no doubt tough he says. But it also does not mean working 15 to 20 hours a day with little productivity. The secret to entrepreneurial success is in identifying the right efforts that ensure results, he proffers.

These five secrets tips he shares no entrepreneur can ignore to become successful.

Self Belief

Entrepreneurship thrives on the power of self-belief which resides in your ability to create vision, conviction that an idea can be executed to perfection. Belief creates the strength of will particularly when you have to create oodles of resilience to bounce back from difficult situations.

“You are your belief,” says the founder. ​It helps get rid of your fears and self-doubt in order to build self-esteem and self-confidence. This self-belief guides your efforts and you begin to make things happen.

Open Mindedness

To be successful you have to trust your ability, he says.

Entrepreneurs with an open mind enjoy trying new things. They are usually imaginative, very creative, and open to innovativeness. Take the examples of the CEOs of Google or Amazon or Facebook – they are not only successful but lead ‘learning organizations’ which means trying new ideas challenging the odds. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos’ recent experiment tying up with India’s Kiranas is a classic example in this direction.

Business functions in an uncertain environment and change in goals and strategies are permanent as customers, competition demand and supply keep changing.


Every Entrepreneur should know that consistency is about focusing on incremental improvement. You’re not going to develop a positive, worthwhile habit overnight.

As Warren Buffet says “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”

Being consistent helps you to see which tactics work for you, bring order to your organization and regularly achieve company goals.

It is about enhancing your technical competence and developing better interpersonal skills. Being consistent gives you leverage in the form of moral authority.

People Skills

People are the real business. People skills add value to the organization. They enable you to effectively communicate with stakeholders whether it is employees, customers, investors or peers.

As an entrepreneur, you have to apply Interaction skills building relationships. In business, it essentially refers to the connection among people at a humane level so that conflicts are less and a synergy is created to achieve productivity.

Your ability to relate to others, having genuine interest in people whom you interact with needs people skills.

So, the important three Cs in people skills are: Connect, Convince and Collaborate.


First described by Daniel Goleman in 2002, the visionary leadership style is one of the most successful styles in practice.

Vision is about strategic planning.  Successful entrepreneurs always keep one eye on the big picture. There have been several visionaries. We would like to cite internet entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, who shot to fame by launching Facebook from his dormitory room in 2004. Originally launched to select college campuses, it expanded to one billion users by 2012.

Can you see what direction the industry is going in? Are you able to identify challenges for your company? Can you stay focused on long-term goals and initiatives? For, this is how visionary entrepreneurs work. Such leaders bring cohesiveness to inspire everyone and seamlessly integrate them with the organization.

As a first-time entrepreneur or those who are struggling for a foothold in the industry, these basics work magic believes Shiv Mishra. It is his firm belief that entrepreneurship is a long journey and people who embark on this, travel through hardships to reach their desired destinations. Staying there long and reaping success needs an eye for simple but core values that often get ignored.

These basics essayed in this article are sine qua non to successful entrepreneurship.

Expanrr Staff

Expanrr Staff

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