Failure: A tremendous leap towards success

Failure: A tremendous leap towards success

It is a fact that winning requires trying. So while trying to achieve your goals, it is only natural to fail. Failure is not the end of success but a part of it. What happens once we fail? Most of the time, people lose themselves to failure and find it hard to regain their confidence. Are you one of them? If so, here are the steps to reconstruct yourself from the shackles of failure.

Accept failure

The most important step to get over your failure is to accept the fact that you failed. Give yourself ample time and think about your failure. Some of you might be of the notion that not thinking about your failure will help you forget about it. But you are missing the point. Failures are not something to be forgotten. It is something to be remembered for the rest of your life but without you being affected by it. Accepting your failure is a process, thinking about it is the first step towards it. Realize that failure is not equal to defeat. What is the difference? Failure happens when you try but defeat happens when you don’t try. So don’t be hard on yourself, you at least tried something.

Believe that you can overcome this situation and make sure that you are keeping an open mind. Realize that failures are a sign that you are trying. There are people out there who are afraid to even try but you on the other hand dared to try, dared to step out into the world. That itself is an achievement on its own. Think about your failure and change it into a positive experience. Accept it as a lesson you will be using for the rest of your life.

Analyze your failure

Once you have accepted your failure as a lesson, the next step is to analyze your failure. Failures happen when you unintentionally make mistakes. Analyzing your failure means to look into the decisions you made that led to the results you got. Your final result is the combination of numerous small decisions and efforts you previously made. So you either made a wrong decision thinking it to be right or you could not put in the required amount of effort.

Even if your decisions were perfect, if the effort you put in was not up to par, then it can very easily go the opposite direction. And while your efforts were sincere and you worked hard with dedication, if it was for the wrong step then all that effort would lead to the wrong result. So trace back your steps and re-check every decision you made and find where you went wrong. A correct analysis of your journey will provide you with knowledge and information and it will help you find your own weakness.

Find solutions

After you find out the cause of your failure, it is time to find solutions. Take proper measures to make sure that your former mistakes are never repeated again. Be alert the next time a similar situation happens. Learn from your lesson and think twice before making your move.

Being physically ready is not the only solution, get yourself emotionally ready for what might come next. Prepare yourself for the best and always be mentally ready to take in the worst-case scenarios. Always have your hopes high and expectations low.

When you rectify your mistakes, don’t forget to emotionally prepare for anything that might come in the way. Setting your mind clear and getting your emotions straight is undisputedly a very crucial thing to do.

Never stop trying

While failures can hit you hard, it can also mold you into a stronger, better person. Each of your mistakes, each of your failures, is a life-time lesson and your strongest motivations. Everything lies in your mindset, it all lies in what you make of yourself after a bad experience. You can either let it get to you and quit or you can embrace the experience and rise. The choice always lies with you.

Never stop trying, for each of those tries is what will make your success a whole lot sweeter. Be courageous enough to get back into the world and try, be courageous enough to keep trusting yourself because you are the only person who can change your life. People can tell you what to do and what not to do, but ultimately it is your decision whether to keep trying or not.

Success becomes a goal only when you accept all aspects of it, the failures, the troubles, the wins, everything. There are things you must be prepared for when you make the decision to fight your goal. Chasing your goal and fighting for it is entirely different.

When you chase after your goal, all you do is work towards it and once you find it hard to work anymore, you will stop trying and you will fail forever. But when you fight for your goal, nothing can stop you from achieving it. Every failure you face, every mistake you make, each of that will keep triggering you to try and fight even harder. So be a fighter, not a chaser. Keep trying until you succeed.

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