Guide to instil creative thinking process at workplace; tips and benefits

Creativity is Out of the Box thinking. It is bringing to life your original ideas and thoughts. It serves the principle of originality, but it is not merely always a fluid thought process. It requires a lot of discipline and persistence. Creativity can be unleashed in any field if motivation, commitment, support, training, and opportunities are provided.

Guide to instil creative thinking process at workplace; tips and benefits
Creativity is Intelligence having Fun

Scientifically speaking, creativity is determined by both hereditary and environment. But it doesn’t just stop there. A person can build and enhance their creativity and break the limits set by the environment by working towards it. Everyone is a teeny bit creative, but it is the job of the people around, to let the creativity of the person grow and shine by giving chances and bracing it.

It is important to give creativity away because nobody likes boring, monotonous, old ideas and a sad workspace. Creativity paves a path for freshness and invigorating spirit. It enhances productivity by allowing employees to go out of their way to find a solution, or even plan a strategy. It opens door to new opportunities and growth spectrums. Creative problem solving has a divergent path, it has no single answers, and it allows minds to think of as many and as abstract ideas as they can.

In recent times, there has been an increase in the acceptance of valuing creativity in the workplace. The term “Office” has evolved with time. Leading market giants like Google, Zappos, Warby Parker, and Twitter all practice and try to bring in creativity as much as possible into their offices.

Taking the examples of Google, it has been ranked as one of the world’s best places to work in. It is evident as Google has its own gaming area for its workers, it allows dogs into the premise, it also has a separate section for kids and has a very adaptive work culture. Moreover, Google enables its employees to share their thoughts freely with the top management that could be the CEO, COO, Managing Director, or any VP level person. It doesn’t curb the employee’s expression and views and gives them the liberty to bring in their ideas. To ensure this, they have formulated nine principles of novelty.

One of those principles ensures that its employees can spend 20% of their time tracking innovative thoughts that they are obsessive about and bring them to reality. How amazing is that!

So, it is absolutely necessary to bring in Creative thought process to gather most of the employee’s potential. But without a resourceful environment, how can one expect to derive creative ideas from their employees? Here are a few tips you can use to unleash creativity.


Creativity at workplace

It is the process that stimulates idea generation. To bring in new strategies or future plans, Brainstorming exercises can lead to a novel solution or idea. It is reasoning and rationalizing that one idea in the head to get the desired outcome. It improves critical thinking and brings into picture a creative way to solve problems. These skills are essential in business. You can make the use of mind maps or notes to ease the process.

“Be Bold or Italic,

But never just regular”


Creativity in a person will improve when it is accepted and the person is rewarded for it. A reward gives a boost to the person and increases their confidence, to take up more tasks and do them even more efficiently. So, to bring out more desired creative outcomes, employees can be given incentives and reinforcements. This will increase the productivity and originality of the work.

Group Discussions

Creativity is spontaneous and nothing better when the company arranges for healthy group competitions and discussions which require employees to express their ideas on how to solve a particular problem or how can the company induce more fun into the working and so on. A feedback box can be set up where employees can put in their anonymous suggestions on what can the company do differently to ensure an accepting workspace.


If the working environment is accepting, employees can freely express their wonderful ideas. They will be able to voice their creativity. Firms can show their support by inspiring them with the perks of creative thinking and the positive energy around it. Companies should have a non-judgemental and positive attitude towards every new idea. They should allow and promote employees to take up hobbies and additional projects as it benefits the employees and gives them a greater understanding of the creative process.

Transforming Fear into Action

It is the responsibility of the company to make employees take risks and open the doors of learning. Without taking a risk, employees would just remain in a shell with zero or very less scope of development. In order to grab the hidden opportunities, employees must spread their wings and fulfil every target coming their way.

Congenial Work Environment

Maximum productivity can be obtained if the working space is fresh, comfortable and has a friendly warmth. As a company, you have to ensure that the working space is cooperative, relaxing but with high motivation spirit in the air, and compatible. If the employee feels pleasant in the workplace, it easily will give rise to the flow of ideas and maximum utility. It is important to ensure that employee to employee relationships are not hostile. A quality workspace will result in quality performance.

In today’s race of reaching to the top, it is important to have your own USP, a different value added to you or the company, which will then differentiate you from the competition. By unleashing creativity in your workplace, you become a desirable asset with a lot of innovative ideas to offer. Creativity gets ingrained and becomes a very important part that is admired and valued.

Once you are into the creative process, there is no turning back.

Get inspired and inspire others to let creativity take over for better results. So, to have a lead, and beat the market, creative thinking will give an edge over others.

“With creative thinking, Good entrepreneurs excel at recognizing and pursuing opportunities.”

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