Learn the ways of the beauty industry from Nidhi Gadhok, a passionate beauty entrepreneur

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. This is a quote that almost all of us would have heard in our lives. Beauty does not simply exist but is created. There are millions of women who depend on makeup to enhance their appearance and to feel empowered. A staunch supporter of this cause, to amplify the beauty of every person, is Nidhi Gadhok. This beauty entrepreneur puts her heart and soul into her work and her passion, creating beauty for anyone who comes to her.

Nidhi Gadhok, Cubes Makeup Studio
The passionate beauty entrepreneur, Nidhi Gadhok. The owner and proprietor at ‘Cubes the makeup studio’

She began the journey of building her brand and entering into the makeup industry in the early 2000s when she left behind the traditional expectations she was subject to and pursued an extensive professional program at the London School of Beauty and Makeup. Her mind was always attuned to beauty and makeup, and she made the decision to follow it as her career. After her yearlong course in London, she assisted a top makeup artist, the head of Bobbi Brown makeup UK, for a few months.

Nidhi always knew that her true passion lay in makeup. She would avidly watch several makeup programs and did basic makeup for her friends and family.

“ I realized that my forte lay in colors and beauty, and the fact that makeup can transform a person into a glamorous diva.” In 2005, she took the plunge, and opened her own studio called ‘Cubes the makeup studio

When asked about her motivation to choose this industry as her career, Nidhi says “What made me choose this line was my inborn artistic talent, my own aesthetic sense of style and beauty, coupled with the self-belief to revolutionise the world of glamour” She aspires to become a leading brand in the world of fashion and glamour, and her studio now has a long and illustrious list of clientele including models, fashionistas, socialites, and brides.

‘Cubes the makeup studio’ is set apart by the skill and talent of the team in blending Indian work forms with the knowledge that Nidhi derived from the UK. She introduced entirely new techniques, and she is highly appreciated for her understanding of the beauty and makeup requirements of a face. “I gained confidence every time I put a smile on my clients’ faces. It meant the world to me when I saw them look beautiful on their wedding day, and the magic effect I could create on their faces”

Her entry into this industry didn’t come a moment too soon. The Indian cosmetics industry has seen a huge growth in the last few years, mainly because of the rising beauty concerns among women and men. It is growing at a rate of 15-20% per year, as cosmetics are becoming an important part of people’s lives. An entrepreneur brings something new to the table, and she brought a new blend of technique and an entirely new face to the beauty industry.

With a strong foundation and support of 15 years in the makeup industry and training from the best academies in the world, Nidhi is brimming with self-confidence about her place in this industry. The love for her clients and the love that they have for her is also a very meaningful contributor to her unwavering confidence. She is committed to providing high-end products and services in all aspects of her work.

When it comes to building a brand, it’s not always smooth sailing. There will definitely be bumps and obstacles, and learning how to overcome these is key to future growth. On asking her about her challenges, she replied that she faced basic challenges like a hairdo gone wrong, or issues with wardrobe, but thankfully, never with her makeup. Every entrepreneur will face challenges during their path to success, and those who learn and grow will always continue growing and become more popular.

The beauty industry is not one dimensional, but ever changing and growing. Keeping up with this pattern, Nidhi’s expertise is not limited to just studio work. She also runs a Makeup Academy in her studio, where she trains aspiring makeup artists as well as those who want to learn makeup as a hobby. She remarks, “I believe in spreading the magic of beauty through my specialized grooming classes wherein you can learn all the secrets of looking spectacular”. She also proves her skill through working for leading fashion designers for their photo shoots and fashion shows.

When it comes to the future, Nidhi is self-assured and completely ready. She plans to set up a one-stop shop for fashionistas, starting from beauty to fashion to makeup and hair, along with retailing collections from top designers. In her words “this would be a place where you walk in with your party details, and we would put it all in place for you”.

At the end of the day, the true success of a brand in the market depends on the skill and commitment of the founder. Nidhi is highly knowledgeable and experienced. She is fully invested in her venture and keeps herself updated with the innovative latest trends in beauty and fashion.  Her advice to other entrepreneurs looking to start-up is of four parts – “Go step by step. Gain experience in the field first. Don’t follow trends blindly. Care for the wishes and needs of your client with love”

“I was smitten by the world of colors, and I knew that it was in me to make a name in this industry someday”.

She has certainly proved that through her hard work in gaining skill and training. There has been no dearth of blood, sweat, and tears when it comes to her passion for ‘Cubes’ and the growth of her makeup business ‘Cubes’ is a studio of constant change and updation, and keeps up with the latest fashion and beauty trends and innovation. Her story of success is a true inspiration to anyone who needs proof that hard work and motivation yields results.

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