Turn job loss into an opportunity

Lost your job because of coronavirus? Don’t worry, here’s how you could turn it into a golden opportunity

Losing a job certainly doesn’t feel great. What’s worse is not being able to find a job even after trying so hard. Being unemployed can feel like a catastrophe because without a stable salary, how can one survive in this world?

With the on-going coronavirus, pay-cuts and job losses are a total nightmare. Businesses are closing down, supply chains are being disrupted drastically which is only leading to more fear of unemployment in India. Many people have already lost their jobs. In a recent survey conducted, 86% of India’s population fears job loss post COVID-19.

Agreed that times are difficult. You have responsibilities and a family to support financially. Amid a pandemic, losing one’s job can be emotionally devastating too, but a change could mean a new opportunity. Since the economic condition is unstable, careers are on a vulnerable path right now for everyone. The entire nation is on lockdown and people are quarantined at home. Why not all your available time to convert this change into an opportunity? Being unemployed is not going to be easy on you but it surely doesn’t mean an end. As Mr. Shiv says, “Every problem has a solution”.

Look for opportunities to make instant money

This time of crisis is scary but there are many ways to make instant money. It doesn’t matter if you were the CEO or an employee at a company, anyone is capable of making money if they know how to do it.

Researching a little about what’s being demanded in the market, is the first step

As India is on a strict lockdown, the demand for home delivery of food, groceries and medicines is seeing an increase everywhere. Maybe take your vehicle and help people get what they want. By connecting to your local grocery store and delivering at people’s home steps. Contact delivery platforms like swiggy and amazon. Or else, if you like cooking and trying new recipes, maybe start home delivering food to people. This way both – you and your client can benefit. You can continue cooking as a passion while making instant money. On the other hand, your customer can enjoy eating their favorite food without worrying about hygiene or safety.

Instead of grumbling about your job loss, start your own small business. By business, I don’t mean a startup company but something simple. Search and take up the smallest task available to earn some money. Maybe take up an assistant job, become a salesperson, or a fitness trainer. Look around you, there are opportunities everywhere to make instant money through simple tasks.

Explore freelancing opportunities

With the internet playing an important role in our lives, making instant money online has become very stress-free nowadays. Freelancing is the easiest way to make money as the internet provides us with countless options to choose from.

You could start writing online to getting paid to carry out simple surveys. You could start blogging or even create your own website and start making money easily. Creating good content will help increase trafficking on your website. The more traffic, the more money you make. It is also a great way of making instant money by simply carrying out online surveys for different websites and writing reviews for products or services.

Freelancing jobs provide great opportunities for anyone to use their skills to earn money instantly. For example, knowing a language other than English can finally come to your benefit. Get paid for translating a document from Spanish, Chinese, German, Russian or any other language you might know. It may be time-consuming but you can make loads of money. There are many websites like Freelancer.in, Fiverr.com, worknhire.com or Upwork.com that help you use your professional translating skills. If you don’t know any other language than English, don’t worry. You can help non-English speakers learn English or take up a transcribing job instead. As a transcriber, all you need to do is type out an audio file. The best part is you don’t even need prior experience! All you need is a laptop and good typing speed, then you are ready to make some handful of money.

During the lockdown, freelancing jobs and the internet has made it possible to earn money easily. Lockdown is also a time when graduates and high school students are opting for many online courses to boost their knowledge. Maybe take up a job of becoming an online tutor.  This way you can help educate and reach out to students of all ages. It may take a long time to set your teaching reputation so start online tutoring by connecting with well-established platforms like Vedantu.com, MyPrivateTutor.com, etc.

There’s an unlimited list of options for freelancing jobs, you can do anything and earn money. There are many websites and companies providing freelancing work. Especially startups and online businesses are now looking for more freelancers to employ. Reach out to them. Choose what is best suited for you, create an account and start browsing. Outfiverr.com, upwork.com, freelancer.com, and worknhire.com are some websites that help provide freelancing jobs. Fiverr is a great website providing an array of freelancing jobs that are best suited for you, allowing people to sell their unique skills and earn at the same time.

Turn your passion into a job opportunity

This is the time you can polish your skills and mold them according to a task to earn instant money. We are just guiding you but only you will be able to help yourself. Online tutoring, home delivery or freelancing, are just some examples. You can start creating money anyhow you like. Find your own niche and get creative.

If you like singing or editing, start your own channel and promote yourself on social media. Or else, use your communication skills to become a motivational speaker or a trainee to help graduates with formal business language. If you are really passionate about fitness, for example, become a fitness trainer and conduct live home-workout sessions. There are many ways of how you could turn your existing skills into a job. Maybe this could also become your full-time business. These types of jobs may not results right away but will surely benefit you more in the coming future.

It’s true that you may not get a great salary like you would from a job at a company but isn’t it better than having nothing else to do? Not only that, it will keep you engaged and instead of losing skills, you will gain more experience until you find a new job. Maybe you won’t find a job and you may end up creating your own small startup or business!

No doubt, that fear of losing your job is scary but with these opportunities, you can easily make money. It will also help you gain some financial stability during the crisis of COVID-19. Not having a job could lead to depression. In a time of instability because of coronavirus, having an online or offline job that pays well also means mental well-being. It will boost your self-esteem, confidence and keep you away from mental stress. It will help us all bounce back stronger – financially and mentally.

Entrepreneurs are successful not because they gave up but because they learned how to turn chances into opportunities. You just have to look around you. There are endless opportunities.

Job loss means a lot of it will change but it’s all about turning these changes into golden opportunities. Like they say, “If life gives you lemons, make a lemonade!”

Team Expanrr
Team Expanrr

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