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Meet this Chandigarh based dietitian and lifestyle coach who is influencing lifestyles across the globe

Health and wellness trends have caught the imagination of the youth. There is always confusion about ‘eating right’ and ‘getting a balanced diet.’ Besides, corporate life is nudging youth to take up fitness seriously. On the one hand, where eating right has an immense impact on overall health and well-being, choosing foods that nourish you and energize body on the other hand requires thought and focus.

The health and wellness sector is flooded today with several practitioners offering a wide range of diet plans and lifestyle programs. You are likely to get confused about whom to approach and whose health services offer guaranteed results. Hence the need for dietitians and lifestyle coaches is sweeping India and is creating several opportunities for professionals in this line.

In a booming market where good diet plans are on-demand Dt. Lavleen Kaur offers unique but simple diet plans within the framework of her clients’ normal eating habits. She stands apart from the crowd with the philosophy that lifestyle changes must result in overall happiness changing lives.  She has not only found entrepreneurial opportunities in setting health and wellness goals but is also spreading, as the French phrase goes, ‘joie de vivre’ – ‘the Joy of living’ among her clients.

So, when we asked how it all began Dt. Lavleen told Expanrr that she realized her fascination for kitchen and its role in our wellbeing. She realized how she could enrich the lives of masses on a professional basis. So armed with a degree in Home science, and Masters in Food & Nutrition she decided to use her education and understanding of food, to give consultation to all who were near and dear, on diet and health.

Besides, she felt we need expertise and knowledge to undo the confusion about right diet. People need to step out of sedentary lifestyles and adopt healthier ways of living. This motivated her to set up Diet Insight Clinic through which she touched the lives of several making the difference. Connecting healthy living with the joy of eating became a passion and the starting point in offering diet plans and health programs.  Focusing on life altering habits she says:

The short cuts generally offered in this competitive industry are not to be followed” Good health is a lifelong process, which requires major habit and lifestyle changes.

More-over dietitian Lavleen’s firm belief is that diet and exercise go hand in hand. To all the fitness freaks she conveys there is a link between fitness, wellness, and diet. The way to go could be, say “Adopt walking” in the short run. But in the long run, regular mind body training along with special diet plans is what ensures wonderful results.

Most importantly, we are aware of the widely prevalent stress related issues in adults and children. According to WHO over 5 crore people suffer from depression and another 3 crores from anxiety disorder in India. Lifestyle problems like these need unique treatments.

As a lifestyle coach, does she have unique diet plans to address such ailments we wanted to know?  Lavleen elaborates by telling us that her clinic offers Therapeutic Programme targeted at specific groups providing for the special needs like clients with medical conditions like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, and Thyroid.  She draws our attention to diet issues with children who are ‘picky’ about food missing out on taking proper nutrients. The clinic offers a guidance program to help parents in this regard.

There is more. The uniqueness doesn’t end here. Her diet plans have a ‘desi’ touch too. She encourages Indian food, by basing her dietary plans on it. She sees Indian food as best suited for our bodies and according to her:

“Indian kitchen is a pharmacy on its own.” She says, “Indians should believe in and follow traditional foods we normally eat. You don’t have to change your eating habits.” She asks the youth to enjoy foods which have shaped us into what we are.

Promoting healthy Indian snacking options, indigenous grains, and traditional food in her diet plans differentiates her from others. She feels that Indians have forgotten traditional diets and are lost in industrial life. Given hectic lifestyles, dealing with work life balance and issues like stress, pregnancy, anxiety and so on has become a huge challenge. Highly educated professionals working 24×7 are mismanaging their lifestyles due to busy life.

This exactly, is what Dt. Lavleen is addressing with her diet programs. The success-rate of the diet programmes is revealed in the satisfaction and faith expressed by her clients. Some lifestyle changing experiences of her clients include gaining control over ailments like Thyroid and Cancer. One of the best feedbacks she recounts is that of Poonam Duggal’s who was treated for PCOD and conceived a year after taking the treatment.

Not content with the details we pressed her to reveal one diet funda that she would love to inspire the youth and entrepreneurs with. Lavleen reflects,

There are no quick result programs. Inculcating good eating habits in youth leads people to hassle free life, easy going lifestyle and keeps diseases at bay.

Dt. Lavleen’s work has won high appreciation and awards but when we asked, she   replies in all sincerity :

I get my award daily, by witnessing the change I am bringing to my clients’ lives. I started my career with the aim of bringing about a change in people’s lives for good, and it brings me happiness every day.

She is the recipient of International Excellence Award  at Malaysia in 2019 for being the Best Dietitian in Chandigarh, and receiving the award of being the Most Promising Youngest Dietitian in North India, 2016 at the International Healthcare Awards, New Delhi from Virender Sehwag are a few she cherishes.

Before winding up we wanted to know her entrepreneurial side and what her plans for expansion were in the coming years. Needless to say, she is a woman of the masses. She told us that they have launched a mobile app to connect with as many people as possible. She also reaches a target audience of 4,00,000 who connect with her regularly through her Facebook seeking knowledge and guidance on various of her diet programs.

The focus market also includes Indians living abroad who follow her diet programs. Hence, she aims to broaden her base and reach out globally to the masses.

She also has plans to open NGO for the poor to supplement their nutrition needs with special focus on children.

Encouraging the use of food by perceiving health values with a holistic approach, Dt. Lavleen has touched the lives of several genuinely in need of help.  Teaching nutrition basics and influencing lifestyles of hundreds, she is making the change she dreamt of.

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