Owning 50% share in the Indian market, Know the reasons why JCB is the true Hulk

JCB Brand StorySocial media has always turned out to be a very powerful and expressive platform. Recently, memes about JCB have been mushrooming all over the internet. Every social media enthusiast would know how all of this emerged overnight. A video titled
JCB ki khudayi had a million views on YouTube, signifying how people while their time in watching irrelevant content over the internet. The young Netizens found this fact hilarious and made sure their sarcasm was depicted in the memes. Not only that, lately the JCB officials, tweeted and expressed his gratitude to the Indians for the recognition and love for jcb.

JCB Tweet

As JCB ki khudayi trends over every social networking site, let’s dig more about the JCB!

Early days

Joseph Bamford served the Royal Air Force in his early days. As the second world war came to an end, the Bamford family thought to earn a living by starting something of their own. Joseph rented out a small garage 12 x 15 ft in Staffordshire and bought a set of few welding tools. In a few months, the first JCB was born named after its owner Joseph Cyril Bamford.

JCB World Headquarters,Rocester, United Kingdom
JCB World Headquarters, Rocester, United Kingdom

But Joseph was not contented with his achievement, he kept going. In less than 3 years, In 1949 he launched a versatile model, Major Loader. It could lift, push, scoop and helped in bulldozing tasks and the engineering went on.
Year by year, it immensely revolutionized according to the demands. It was known for its versatility and ease of operating. It made lives easy. The workshops then transformed from a small garage to an acre of land and to many acres of lands in different European countries. JCB flourished.


JCB is one of the universally leading companies in the construction and industrial business. Almost many business contractors rely on this brand to go about construction. JCB launched various models as per the requirements. They launched the Excavator X series assisting in the construction businesses and the wheel loaders and tractors having agricultural and industrial implementations.
Apart from this, JCB also makes a wide range of vehicles for military assistance. JCB has alliances with the Israeli army.

Marketing strategies

JCB had always launched models that would reduce human efforts. The aim itself drew market towards it. The company although had a piece of quite an expensive machinery but they were useful in the long run. They planned a simple yet effective strategy. They advertised in the trade publications and won many awards for their creativity. Later as digitization emerged, many animations were advertised on Televisions. They were known for their photography as well. In the world of the internet, they have great videos showing some of the unusual ways in which such vehicles can support themselves or manoeuvre. The JCB has a display team as well. They approach their target audience and demonstrate machines on the area which the customers demand to prove the durability of the JCB.

Plays a vital role in the Construction business

Everyone these days wishes for a land of their own be it residential or industrial. The concrete industry is growing rapidly in India boosting a great development in the infrastructure. For any construction, excavation is the basic step to follow. The construction equipment industry relies on infrastructural development. They will grow in tandem with one another. Today as the infrastructural sector is of utmost importance, most of the equipment industry run through this need. The government projects of Roads and Highways require excavation. Mining, building Dams and bridges also boost the need for construction equipment and machinery. And who else is more reliable than the JCB. No infrastructural company can do without a JCB. Just like humans need food, clothing and shelter; similarly, any infrastructural business would require the JCB.

JCB gives utmost importance to safety, strength, and sustainability. Hence it is one of the most trusted brands in this field.
The JCB came to India in 1979 when India still was developing and adapting to the technology. JCB has been quite patient when it came to marketing in India. It took them 24 years to sell their first 24000 products. The main reason behind this may be the Indian economy. But later it made its mark. JCB India started off as a joint venture with the Escorts group in 2003 before emerging on its own. According to Accenture’s Vision 2020 report on the construction equipment market, this industry is predicted to grow from $3.3billion in 2010 to $20-25 billion by 2020 — or from 60,000 to 3,30,000 units in India.

JCB has a market share of over 50% in India, and with two manufacturing units already geared up!

Other businesses

The company JCB didn’t restrict their business only to the machinery. They went on to launch more businesses and organizations. They started their own insurance company named JCB insurances.

They launched the JCB Academy, a secondary school in Rochester. The school was inaugurated in 2010.

They began their own research center. But due to disputes between the brothers the ownership is left untitled!

Few amazing facts about the JCB
  • JCB is Europe’s largest manufacturer of Construction equipment with manufacturing plants on four continents.
  • The Teletubbies TV program used two JCB generators to power the filming of the latest series.
  • The invention of JCB was done on 23 October 1945, at the same time the owner Joseph’s son was born.
  • Construction equipment is yellow for safety reasons. On a building site, you are more likely to see a machine which is yellow than any other colour, especially if it is not in your direct line of sight.
  • JCB, a brand has its meaning in The New Oxford Dictionary.
  • The First product to carry a JCB logo was in 1953. This was a Backhoe loader which people nowadays refer to as a JCB.
  • JCB is now a business of £2.75 billion (2012), touching the epitome of success.
    Lord Joseph came up with a thought saying “Do not be satisfied with your achievements”. I can’t help but agree. Consistency in efforts has always brought great businessmen to a higher level. JCB was found with great qualities of efforts, knowledge and innovation.

The story of the JCB is worth digging out. If you have any such treasure hidden worth digging out, Expanrr is ready with the JCB!

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