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Pasithea on a journey to unfold Sustainable Fashion and Design through their conscious digital magazine

In today’s world, fashion is becoming an essential part of everyone’s life. Everybody wants to remain trendy as they try to explore the many trends we see on television and social media. Isn’t it fun trying to replicate the outfits of our favorite celebrities and personalities? We can see the diversity of our country through different types of fashion. Every state in India has a distinct style. From the heavy intricate designer lehengas of the north to the traditional saris of the south. Fashionistas and stylists over the world are on a journey to incorporate unique styles in the ever-increasing fashion industry.

With the fashion market growing faster than ever, fast-fashion is now an upcoming issue for the environment. The fashion industry is alone responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions and 20% of water waste. As people are becoming more conscious about the global crisis and the harm to the environment, applying sustainability to fashion is the next big step for fashionistas and stylists all over the world.

As ethical fashion emerges in the fashion industry, consumers are becoming more aware as they now prefer sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. People are gradually starting to make conscious decisions about their fashion. No longer do they believe in buying unnecessarily. They are minimizing their purchases and sticking to wardrobe-essentials.

There’s no doubt that Sustainable fashion has bloomed and is making its mark in India. From using safe dyes, choosing biodegradable fabrics to provide fair salaries to their workers, we can see the sustainable shift happening.

Pasithea is an emerging sustainable magazine encouraging a way of living without harming the environment. Founded by Tanya Jain, Pasithea began as a sustainable clothing brand. Trying to create style and awareness about the importance of sustainability for the environment. They strive to continue increasing awareness about sustainable design amongst consumers and eco-designers in India. As a successful Entrepreneur, Tanya ventures to expand her business through Pasithea’s conscious digital magazine. It is a “premier sustainability magazine for conscious individuals”, she says. It is a platform for all consumers, designers, brands, stylists and anyone and everyone interested in sustainability in India. It is no doubt a must-read magazine! They create informative and compelling stories about Sustainable fashion, beauty, lifestyle and design.

Pasithea is a platform for all consumers, designers, brands, stylists and anyone and everyone interested in sustainability in India.
Pasithea is a platform for all consumers, designers, brands, stylists and anyone and everyone interested in sustainability in India.

There are many beauty, lifestyle, design and fashion brands in India but how many of them really focus on sustainable fashion? Pasithea provides a platform that aims to focus on sustainability and ethical practices, making them a unique conscious magazine. Tanya told us “Fashion in today’s date should be sustainable, whether it has the tag of sustainability or not”. She believes that designers play an essential role in reducing the impact their work has on the environment by making conscious decisions from the initial stage itself.

Not only does Pasithea encourage eco-friendly production process but also fosters conscious buying. Their special feature of a “Pasithea Conscious Brand Directory” in the digital magazine allows people to enjoy shopping but not at the cost of the environment. It provides a list of brands and marketplaces for items ranging from fashion, beauty, lifestyle to home accessories all in one place! A list of sustainable brands to choose from means contributing to saving the planet while also making a bold fashion statement.

This digital magazine is what every individual interested in sustainable design needs! As unsustainable practices are a major issue for our environment, it is the perfect must-read magazine for every Indian citizen.

While trying to meet the fashion expectations of people, they care for our environment. They target to spread awareness about sustainable design. All fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands have the scope to become sustainable. As Pasithea believes in inclusivity, they strive to create a progressive impact on the industry and the environment, as a community together.

A sustainable brand featured on Pasithea Digital Magazine

“Every project teaches me a new skill and helps me learn. So my journey is long and will continue”, says Tanya.

As she pursues her journey of creating awareness about sustainable design to all consumers and designers through her digital magazine, she wholeheartedly contributes her success to every person who is associated with her. “Whether it’s a reader who visits my platform for the first time or family. Every person counts and helps me build my venture.” She told our Expanrr team about how she still remembers her first actual client who dated back to her college days and the task was to simply design a logo. From the designer of a simple logo to the founder of Pasithea, Tanya has come a long way from where she began. She aims to continue spreading awareness about sustainable design in India and bring imperishable sustainable change in the fashion and design industry.

Pasithea is a sustainable magazine for conscious Indians. So, if you wish to contribute by doing your part and saving the earth, then you must follow the sustainable design. Pasithea’s digital magazine allows you to do so by providing you a great platform to be aware of your contribution to saving the environment by making the correct choices. They help us reach out to the right lifestyle, style, design and beauty practices and brands. With the growth of the fashion sector in India, “Green, Ethical and Fair” is what Pasithea endeavors for.

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