Providing personalized fashion for a new breed of Shoppers: Madhulika Mehta from Satinvogue

The fashion industry is experiencing a big shift from just producing clothes to tending each customer’s individual need. No stranger to this fact, Founder of the Kolkata based fashion company, SatinVogue; Madhulika Mehta focuses on the individualized need of the client to create her line of apparels. Madhulika initially began to pursue law after her bachelor’s degree in commerce, till her compass pointed to fashion.

Madhulika Mehta SatinVogue
“                    Nothing is impossible in the field of fashion: Madhulika Mehta

Advancements in the field of fashion technology have led to the use of artificial intelligence and 3D image printing, which has certainly filled the gaps between imagination and possibility. This has also led to the emergence of a new shopper demanding luxury service and seeks rewards for their loyalty to the brands of their choice. It gives the retailer and the customer a chance to build a conversation consisting of more than just the price and status of the product.

Technology has helped in the availability of using alternative materials that are more sustainable and eco-friendly materials. One-on-one service helps in offering a more in-depth experience for the customer by delivering products that are similar to the customer’s browsing history. Personalization, through artificial intelligence and machine learning to anticipate the customer’s requirements, is also implemented to impress the shopper and also build greater loyalty to the brand.

One passion led to the discovery of the other

Madhulika Mehta is a prime example of the startup culture. She took the path less travelled after a guide pointed her in the direction which led her to seek a career in the field of fashion and give rise to her own company. She owes her career choice to an important person she happened to meet, who goes by the name of Mr. Ram Lashkari. She met him on a journey to Jodhpur, and they got to talking. He suggested that she should continue building something of her own. A little thought on the matter and she was sure of what she had to do.

Inspiration can come from any corner of the world and it certainly holds true for her. The past couple of years have left her a busy woman as she has been organizing her brand and also pursuing her academic program in sales and marketing from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kolkata. With the support of her friends and parents, she had enrolled in the program.

Travelling plays an important part in her life as it inspires her to come up with new design ideas that help in providing her customers with the best and personalized design. The joy of travelling helps her rejuvenate her body and mind. According to her; the creativity and the constant thought of coming up with new designs are her favourite part of being a fashion designer.

Fashion is playing around with and breaking the rules of conventional dressing

According to Forbes Magazine, 90% of startups in India are bound to fail due to a lack of innovation in companies. The amount of people establishing startups has increased phenomenally over the past years, in which research conducted by the IBM Institute for Business and Oxford economics found out that a large percentage of startups fail within the first five years since its establishment. Lack of skill force, innovation, and the lack of a unique business model are the main reasons for a startup to fail. Since 2015, over 1500 startups have failed and closed down due to the following of a western business model. The highest numbers of failures are in the field of logistics, e-commerce and food technology

According to her to run a successful venture, one must not let setbacks and failure hold an individual down or stop them from achieving their dream and that it’s never too late to pursue them. It has never been easier for budding entrepreneurs to enter the field of their choice, as every success story has many failures and setback which build a better entrepreneur and continues to push them from behind.

The environment you grow up in also plays a large part in your thought process; the success of your company depends on you and your team of workers and the environment of the workplace.

In the fashion industry, a few names and labels have been revolving around since the past decade, since people have been offered better clothes for a cheaper price; the fashion industry is open to new startups that provide each customer with the care they deserve.

She advises budding young designers that change and evolution take place every day and so does the taste and trends of the public, keeping up with these transitions is an important aspect of the industry. The need to come up with a new and niche design may become a necessity as repetition acts as designers block.

Internships are a great way to gain experience in the fashion as it does for other industries as well and the best ones are where you have to do everything on your own. The individual not only learns the art but is able to perfect it on his/her own accords. She states that the handiest of skills required in the industry is hard work, an innovative mind to keep coming up with new ideas, and analytical mind to tend to the needs of the customers and also setting the right price.

Finally, an excellent interpersonal and communication skill acts as a cherry on top for a successful endeavour in the industry. Madhulika built her client list through various promotions and publicity; she also suggests that advertisements on mass scales and public relations play a major role in the process of building a clientele for companies.

Satinvogue is another example of the rise of successful startups and the hard work of individuals that help them pursue a career of their choice. The fashion industry is open to new designers, restless to make the world a more beautiful and stylish place to be in.

Anhad Sidhu

Anhad Sidhu

Anhad Sidhu is a traveller and an amateur photographer. He always looks forward to packing his bags and leaving for his next adventure. A dancer and performer, he is full of surprises.

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