Quarantined? Let’s make the best of it

Quarantined? Let's make the best of it

We are currently in the midst of a huge dilemma. Our usual out-going day-to-day activities have come to a standstill. People have been asked to stop socializing and stay home. But hey, let’s stop getting negative and make the best of this situation. Now is the time for you to do the things you never had the time to, now is the time to do the things you always wanted to. Here are a host of things to do while you stay home and be positive.

Take good care of yourself

Until now you must have been so busy with your work-life, always spending time taking care of your job, hardly making any time for yourself. But now is the chance to analyze yourself and tend to your needs. Let’s take this chance to revive ourselves, here is what you should do-

Take a look at the food you eat, see what all you have been missing out on your diet and add all the essential nutrients and proteins and cut the carb out. Eating healthy is staying healthy.

Getting the right amount of sleep is essential for your body to stay fit. It also helps your mind to stay alert. So use this time to cover up for all the sleep you have lost and let the melatonin flow.

This is also the best time to look after your physique. You are home and you are bored so let us get started on that body and do some work.

And the one thing you always wanted to do was to sit back and relax. Get a homely massage, get your hair done, feel your home and stay soothed. Enjoy the moment.

Satisfy your hobbies

Hobbies have always been something that spiced up our lives. It helped us take a break from our schedule and be in a different state of happiness. But as we moved forward with our lives, we stopped having time for the things that were once a part of our lives. This quarantine period, let’s go back to those activities that made you happy. Here are some examples:

Go ahead and read that one book you always wanted to read but never had the time to. Catch up with that business journal you have the subscription to, read about the businesses you have always admired.

Remember that movie that came out last month but you were too busy to even notice? Well, now you are free to watch! Start watching all those documentaries you piled up over the months, meaning to watch but were too busy to even start.

And make that dish you always wanted to try. Get that taste buds working. There is nothing a good dish can’t solve!

Connect and revive

It is quite understandable that your busy life might have taken the valuable time that you were supposed to spend with your family and friends. In the run for a successful business, a steady career, you might have shut yourself down from all the people surrounding you. Take this time as a chance to re-connect with your family and friends.

Schools are closed, so you can spend more time with your children now. Call your parents and talk to them about life, share stories from work and express your thoughts. Help your spouse with their work and compensate for all the time you couldn’t be with them. Connect with your long-distance friends, give them a call and re-live the old memories.

Networking is an important part of life. Let it be your personal or professional life, connecting with the right people is a must. A busy lifestyle keeps us from being active on the social platform. Social media is a great way to connect with like-minded people and people who will help you in your business and career.

Plan the future

Planning your future means sitting back and thinking about what your next step is going to be. Utilize this time to plan your financial activities like loans, fees, savings, investments, cash flow, etc. Organizing your finances will help you to be more efficient and secure.

Have an idea about your future plans and note it down in a book. Think of what might come ahead and plan for it before-hand because now you have the time and energy to carefully analyze your plans and execute them.

Be responsible

During this quarantine period, there are some things you need to do even when you are staying at home.
Make sure that you are following sound physical hygiene and make sure that your family is doing the same.

Take care to not share wrong information through online media. Remember that, not everything you see on social media is true. So verify every piece of information before you share them.

Staying at home is not bad after all, huh? There is more to it than you can think. Being self-quarantined not only helps you stay safe but also helps you to finally catch up with your everyday life. So let’s stop complaining and make the best of it. Know that by staying home you are helping the world to revive.

Lalitha E

Lalitha E

I'm a Law Student who has a passion for writing. Poetic world is something that amazes me. I love playing the guitar and watching movies .

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