Self care: Coping up with lockdown stress and anxiety

Stress Management Tips

COVID-19 is now crippling in the corners of every household. The demons of recession, unemployment, and helplessness have left us at the mercy of survival of the fittest. Seeing the world crushing in the front of our eyes, how is one supposed to keep a sane mindset? The four walls of your house may keep you safe from COVID-19 but what is growing like a parasite without any symptoms of external illness is stress and anxiety. From young college students to adults, everyone is suffering from some degree of stress.

Stress is nothing but a feeling or an emotion of tension. A certain amount of stress is healthy for a balanced life, but when this level crosses a permissible limit it becomes dangerous. Growing cases of hypertension, anxiety are all results of inefficient stress management.

Conditions that affect the stress level may differ among age groups and even social groups. The lifestyle of a person is an active reason for the level of stress among today’s human beings. There are numerous reasons that might trigger stress and anxiety, so the first step is to identify those triggers or even changes in a behavioral pattern that define the uneasiness a person might be facing.

• Judging these signs would include noticing changes in energy levels.

• Any temper issues or hyper reactions on small topics.

• Feeling uneasy or disturbed most of the time.

• Changes in the pattern of daily activities like sleeping or eating.

• Frequent panic or anxiety attacks

• Excessive introversion or rebellious nature

• Frequent outbursts and increased consumption of alcohol, smoking, or drugs.

With the growing signs of stress, Stress management has become a vital part of today’s fast-paced life. Stress management means incorporating techniques and psychotherapies aimed at controlling the level of stress. These include quick techniques to control chronic stress and also provide long term solutions to lead a stress-free lifestyle.

Lockdown has created an urgency for people to resort to these stress management techniques as the sudden change in life patter is making it difficult for people to adjust. Social distancing, lowliness, Unemployment, and lack of social life is a reason for the mounting stress and anxiety.

Here are a few quick and easy steps to control and manage chronic stress.

BE REGULAR, even though it is work from home, don’t consider being a couch potato as a good option. Maintain the same routine as before the pandemic.

FIND YOUR OUTLET, this means to find an activity like fitness, weight training where that anger, anxiety, and stress can be released and channelized in a good way.

SCHEDULING, this includes scheduling all tasks, household, and work-related, in a timely manner. This was there won’t be a much time window left for overthinking.

BE CONNECTED, physically meeting with friends and family might not be possible but don’t miss out on the fun of social gatherings. Have frequent con-calls or group video calls. Staying connected with people might help you focus on and prioritize things better.

RELAX; this might be the most important advice to focus on. Being at home might make all days look the same but do take your weekend / weekly breaks. This will help you relax and also open your mind and would facilitate fruitful thinking and productive thoughts.

It’s always said ‘If you can’t handle the stress you can’t handle successes. Stress is a defensive mechanism of your body. It is a reaction/emotion that is created in defense of a situation or a change in pattern. Though it is a reflex to protect you, only if it is handled correctly. It won’t take much time for chronic stress to give shade to other mental as well as physical illnesses to born. William James once said, “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another”.

So are you effectively able to manage stress and anxiety, before it becomes a monster taking a stroll against you?

Harshita Rastogi

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