Six marketing lessons startups can learn from The Kardashians

Six marketing lessons startups can learn from The Kardashians

The Kardashian/Jenner family is one of the most famous families all over the world as they have become household names, but how did they establish themselves? ‘Momager’ Kris Jenner has managed to turn their entire family into a brand with each Kardashian having their own websites that people actually pay for and a fan following of millions on their social media platform.

Online Branding is a new form to establish your brand and to bring it to the forefront in the online marketplace. It uses the internet to advertise the brand using various algorithm tricks such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, online press release, and also build strong relationships with their customers, which helps to increase brand awareness.

So how does online branding actually work? Let’s find out –

The Kardashians rose to fame after their reality show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ was launched which helped them create a fan base as they showed glimpses of their daily lives. The origins of the Kardashian fame have been through various events in the past, but the reality show was their breaking through.

The Kardashians use social media mainly to promote their brand which is viewed by millions of people who follow them. Arguably, Kim is the most famous of the Kardashians; she uses her social media to promote her clothing and her husband, Kanye West’s brand called Yeezy.

There is a lot we can learn from the Kardashians in terms of online branding. Rebranding is a major aspect of branding, the key is to forget about the past and to focus on the future as it is never too late to re-build or start building your brand. Kim was able to move ahead from various controversies and come out stronger with the help of her followers on social media.

Self-promotion coming in second, humility is a widely respected trait of humanity, but when it comes to a professional brand, shameless self-promotion and confidence is the way to go. There is no such thing as a humble brag when it comes to online branding, let the world know how amazing you are at what you do. This can be seen through the number of selfies that these queens take with their products and showcase it for the world to see. Kylie Jenner became the richest Kardashian by selling her makeup products which she promoted through social media account and her website.

Mistakes are naturally occurring Phenomena that happen to any brand, instead of trying to deny the claims, own up to your mistakes. A brand can make mistakes that can affect its professional lives, you can take this as a learning curve and keep talking about it as a learning experience and how it has helped you grow. Lastly, networking is a big aspect of online branding; with the right connections, you can establish your brand within days or weeks. In case of the Kardashians, Ryan Seacrest was the connection as he is the producer of the show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, which escalated their fame.

Along with these here are a few more ways you can establish your brand online.

Define your brand

To successfully establish yourself as a brand, ensure that the customers perceive your brand as you perceive it. You can understand the difference by trying to associate your perception and the perception of the audience in three words, if the three words do not match with those of your customers, you can find out why that is the case and whether it causes a gap between your brand and your online reputation. It is also easier for your audience to associate with a face and a physical entity rather than just the brand. Adopting a personality to captivate the audience and communicating with them online can be a good way to establish your brand.

Understand the target audience

It is not only important to understand your brand but also to understand the customer. Whether or not the message you are sharing is suitable for the target audience, the demographics of the audience is the easiest way to determine the message. How the target audience can contact your brand is also a big aspect to understand the audience.

Be available to your customers

Make sure that you are approachable online as part of a successful online brand; your customers are a priority. If you just show up and respond to the queries of your customer, you can increase your followers by a huge number. It is important to function in real time, as a lot of the customers expect an urgent response to their queries. Scheduling your messages can also help organize the brand and its image, regular gaps between your messages helps avoid information overload and keeps the customers associated with your brand

Follow your own philosophy

To ensure that you are perceived as you want the brand to be perceived, transparency can be a big factor, which is why you should follow the message that you are sending out to your audience. It would be harder to maintain the authenticity of the brand if you do not stand by your own brand.

Long term relationship

Building a long term relationship is very important to ensure the long-term success of your brand. Increasing exposure to your brand and taking care of your target audience will ensure that your customers stay with the brand.

Don’t be afraid to make a change

Do not be afraid to make changes in your brand to ensure that your perception and the audience’s perceptions match, if your brand is at stake, you must do what is necessary.

Online branding is just another way to establish your brand if done right. The Kardashians are a prime example of online branding and how well it works to help in establishing a brand and we can learn a lot from them, no matter how we feel about the family.

Anhad Sidhu

Anhad Sidhu

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