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Tea over coffee? This new startup, founded by an Indian entrepreneur will be your new best friend

Ever felt lazy to leave your office and walk up to your nearest tea stall and wished for a solution?

India is the second largest producer as well as exporter of tea in the world after China, including the infamous Assam Tea and Darjeeling Tea. It is the world’s largest consumer as well, wherein the nation consumes nearly 30% of the global production. Back in 2013, the Deputy Chairman of the then Planning Commission (now called Niti Aayog) Mr. Montek Ahluwalia had plans to officially give it the recognition of the ‘National Drink’ of India. Tea moreover has been favored since times immemorial due to its health benefits. It’s caffeine content fuels our country’s workforce keeps them hustling.

According to a report by the National Sample Survey Organisation, India consumes 15 times more tea than coffee. Tea is made at home as well as sold by vendors that dot just about every street in the country. Seeing this as an opportunity we have Dilip who came up with his startup Tea On Call.

It was the year 2015 when Mr. Dilip Sharma was working with an engineering company as a Marketing Manager. He used to observe how his co-workers were dissatisfied with the tea served in office and would go outside to have tea on Tapris. The brilliant idea of starting a company, which would deliver people their favorite tea at their doorsteps, had struck him then.

TeaOnCall Founder Dilip Sharma and His Wife
Tea On Call Founder Dilip Sharma and his wife

He began his Research and Development and the very next year he launched Tea On Call along with his friend Akshat Maheshwari, who is no longer a partner but still supports Dilip.

Tea On Call is a service and a platform on which many young engineers, as well as people from other fields rely. It is the new wave of serving tea- delivered right at the customer’s doorstep.

He explained to the Expanrr team how his company works. “we make tea in a very hygienic place,” says Dilip.”It’s how we prepare tea in our homes.” There are 10 different variants on offer all of which are not deliverable and for those he plans on opening stores. Along with tea, Tea n Call serves Indian snacks like Samosas, Kachoris, Poha, Buttered Bread, etc. Soon, they will also add street food to their menu.

The unfortunate situation of tea vendors, who operate in an unorganized sector and offer their beverages in an unhygienic environment, makes it difficult for people to rely on them. The customers do not have a choice that would provide the same taste and flavor hygienically, at a low price like the Tapris. His motive is to provide employment to people and a hygienic environment for tea lovers.

Tea On Call Delivery Team
Tea On Call Delivery Team

Dilip aims at opening 5 kiosks in Jaipur and extending his boundaries to new cities at the first chance of raising funds. As of now, Tea On Call is bootstrapped.  In these uncertain times amidst the pandemic, he is assertive that business will bounce back now that he has started noticing tea lovers approaching the brand once again.

Dilip contributes the entire credit behind his success to his family who has always been supportive of him.  Tea On Call serves 10000 happy customers a day with help from its 20 employees and 2 dispatch centers. He stresses the importance of having faith in your idea to be successful and how it is important to work alongside those who have faith in you and your idea.

Ending on a positive note, he highlights the importance of Tea in Indian culture and how everything can be solved over a cup.

Team Expanrr
Team Expanrr

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