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This completely organic brand is transforming skincare methods with its natural products

Nowadays, the market is filled with chemically produced and adulterated items, be it cosmetic products, skincare items, or whatever we eat. It is nearly impossible for a person to get unadulterated and pure products from the market. Moreover, the constant consumption of these chemical-filled products ultimately leads to long-term harmful effects on the human body. To provide a genuine solution to the problem, a completely organic brand, Three Sisters Organics is continuously working to make fresh and pure products available for people.

It was the idea of Muskan Marwaha to provide pure products directly from the farm to people at their homes. This idea motivated her to start her own company, Three Sisters Organics. She says that the idea of Three Sisters Organic has its roots in her grandmother’s teachings.

“My Nani has the softest hands and skin. All she uses is oil and ghee. From using leftover breakfast papaya to wash her face with curd, or to apply ghee on her hair, she never ran out of skin-care products.” says Muskan Marwaha.

The company provides naturally pressed oils to its customers. As the main aim is to discourage the use of adulterated products, Three Sisters Organic is also planning to expand its range of organic items which will also include other items used in day to day life. Muskan says that they are planning to launch products in a wide range of categories like spices, pulses, daily need products, and even organically produced sustainable clothing items.

More than an aim to move towards a simple lifestyle, organic products have become a trend in the market. People may find a huge amount of products that will classify themselves as organic. But classification by the manufacturers themselves appears as nothing more than a promotion technique. Some companies claim to be organic but don’t hold any authentic certification for their claim. However, Three Sisters Organics has made sure to upkeep the trust of its customers. The company is registered under the UK certification, which certifies organizations as per international standards.

The organic brand strives to encourage people to shift to a simple and natural lifestyle. Instead of limiting the idea of a natural lifestyle to their brands, the founders of the company also promote the idea by encouraging people to take care of their skin with simpler methods and techniques.

“We can take care of our skin from basic nuts and fruits. Only by eating them as well as by applying them will we give our skin all the goodness it needs,” says Muskan while mentioning the website of Three Sisters Organics which also helps in spreading the approach of simple and natural skin-care methods.

When an already established market of chemical infused products and cosmetics continues to flourish among people, it is not easy for a completely organic brand to build its own identity in the market. For the founders of Three Sisters Organics, it was difficult to compete with popular brands that provide chemically made products to their customers.

Muskan Marwaha, Founder Three Sisters Organics
Muskan Marwaha, Founder Three Sisters Organics

“These chemical infused brands use baffling terms to confuse clients. In the end, people end up believing that they need such products”, Muskan Marwaha.

It is not an easy task to change the mindset of the people and take them back to the simpler skin-care routine which used to be followed in the days of yore. In the current scenario, natural ways of skin-care are underestimated, which makes it important for companies like Three Sisters Organics to work hard in changing the mindset of the people.

An idea can change the mindset of people if it reaches out to the maximum number of people. This can happen only if it is digitally disseminated. In the case of Three Sisters Organics, it became a lot easier to connect with more people with its digital business. By making its services digitally available, the wellness brand created a favorable environment for the growth and benefits of its customers.

It is well known that during COVID pandemic online shopping increased phenomenally across the world. That’s why digital brands turned out to be the most benefited entities from this wave of online shopping during the lockdown. Similarly, Three Sisters Organics received a surge in its sales during the phase of lockdown. The brand also saw an increase in its retailer clients.

In the journey of building a brand, the toughest part is to start. So before starting a new brand, the founder of the Three Sisters Organics suggests all the aspiring entrepreneurs choose a business that will solve a problem. She says that instead of selling their products, entrepreneurs must work to solve a problem. An entrepreneur must know how to handle crises without overthinking and panicking. To make it a success, entrepreneurs must be aware of finding alternative ways of marketing and make their product a success.

As an organic brand, Three Sisters Organics strives to solve the problem of the unaware use of chemically infused products. Ultimately it is the wellness of the people which keeps the company working to promote a simple and natural way of skincare.

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