Designer Madhulika Mehtata

This haute couture designer is setting trends in an upscale luxury market with high end designs and personalized ensembles

The past few decades have seen Indian fashion designers storm their way into the global market. Yes, ‘stormed’ is the only apt expression when couture gowns designed by our designers are spotted on red carpets of Oscars and the Grammys! In this crowd of established names, a new breed of designers and entrepreneurs is creating ripples presenting India’s textile heritage globally. Entrepreneur and fashion designer Madhulika Mehta belongs here.

SatinVogue founder, Madhulika discussed with us the limitless possibilities in her industry. The breaking of stereotypes with fabrics and the state of the constant evolution of fashion makes fashion designing the most challenging. It is said that the personalized taste of the clientele plays a vital role in creating designs as couture is all about complementing the personality. Madhulika distinguishes herself by designing ensembles that embody a woman’s personality.

The very context of her branding ‘SatinVogue’ was to bring all the luxury and smoothness of fabric just like the satin cloth into her business.  As fashion lovers prefer what is ‘in’ and ‘trending’ that is, what is in vogue, she coined the brand- SatinVogue.

Well, the fashion industry has grown by leaps and bounds. The growth story of SatinVogue too is similar. She began with eCommerce and a handful of designs. Taking the venture ahead, working within a structured time frame, she now promotes through social media and digital marketing.

She initially went for brand promotion the advertising way but now it’s more of organized shows and exhibitions. Though social media is playing a role she says “one cannot ignore the ripple effects that other mediums like the media in general, word of mouth and maintaining quality public relations can do to one’s reputation and brand image”.

Most importantly, she avers, her brand is led with the faith, as she puts it “learning and innovation have no expiry date.”

So, trends may come and go, but fashion stays. Madhulika caters to high-end design for an upscale luxury market, as haute couture designers provide individualized custom design services to an elite clientele. So the focus narrows down to celebs in Bollywood and people settled abroad while she continues with the domestic market.

The details that drive the fashion world are awe-inspiring. Fashion designers are known for creating wearable works of art. They craft from scratch, drawing inspiration from literally anything, say pop culture to history or art. Being a designer means to express, evolve and celebrate every creation throughout the journey.

Besides, the industry needs to continuously improve to stay alive. The growth of this industry ultimately vests in the people and how they perceive fashion and wearable. Madhulika voices her concern that orthodoxy related to skin show, body-fitting outfits and westernization adversely affects the industry. Acceptability has to grow as several youngsters want to make a career here.

However, the competition is cut-throat and her word of caution is, “learn from mistakes than crying over spilled milk”. Fashion designers have to walk the path alone though taking a few trusted ones along is preferred. “Never to regret lost money”, as sometimes retaining customers and building goodwill is of immense importance. Trust your instincts and maintain goodwill with partners and co-workers which go a long way in this business.

She encourages youngsters to work by deadlines and be more organized as fashion waits for none!

Fashion designing creates the joy of three things: Creative expressions, globe-trotting i.e., travel and meeting professionals.

Her self-expressions shape her designs and styling of people which she considers the best creative outlet for a designer. Conducting shows and exhibitions is a learning experience.

Designers who travel extensively it is said, are the enriched lot. Madhulika herself an avid traveler totally agrees, as traveling helps to research trends, learn about fashion in other parts of the world and above all stay ahead of the crowd.

Madhulika Mehta accepting International Quality Award from Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor
Madhulika Mehta accepting International Quality Award from Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor

Meeting existing fashion designers, bloggers, influencers and most important of all celebs is exciting. Learning from the best and collaborating with them is surely some of her favorite parts of being a designer.

Talking about work ethics she expresses that they need discipline and flexibility to adapt to new trends in her industry. They have to be their own boss and take the call.

But then, you should follow the trends and always challenge yourself to come up with unique collections playing with styles and fabrics, she maintains. In short, designers are successful when they are ‘their own critique’.

Each player has their own values and expertise to bring to fashion. Those who choose the road of originality have managed to show better results.  Several Indian designers are going global using simple fabrics rooted in Indian culture. While major western brands are shutting down and facing bankruptcy, the Indian fashion industry is booming, which is her strong belief.

The recent statistics state that from 2020 onwards, the Indian clothing empire is likely to be a 53.7 billion dollars’ worth industry. Hence, her focus is to continue creating customized and elegant designs for clients while staying transparent with the brand – SatinVogue.

Much is in the beholder’s eye, they say. Do you agree? If you do, look out for our next as we continue to write on the fashion designers and other interesting topics.

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