This Lawyer turned Entrepreneur is doing ‘Justice’ to the gifting culture

This Lawyer turned Entrepreneur is doing ‘Justice’ to the gifting culture

The tradition of giving gifts to elders and youngsters alike has been carrying on for generations. Some like to splurge on gifts, while some value the thought solely.

Getting gifts from the mall would pinch our pockets.

But what Rohan Bhalotia of Yashika’s House of Gifting is aiming at is- providing comprehensive solutions for all your gifting needs at reasonable prices. He is capitalizing on the idea of a “for all” gift shop.

Rohan makes us wonder about the possibility of treading on another path after planning on one all your life.

One makes milestone decisions for the rest of his/her life at a very young age. At such a point in life, there is no experience or exposure to the outside world.  It all seems like a bed of roses. When you actually get exposed to the atrocities and difficulties, is when you begin to question your life plan.

This young entrepreneur is an example of how reinventing your career is a considerable plan. On this note, lets get to know this lawyer cum entrepreneur from Kolkata.

The seed of the idea behind Yashika’s was sown when he dreamed of starting his entrepreneurial journey and stepping into the retail world. As he started planning out this venture alongside his sister-in-law, he says, everything fell into place and they just went with the flow.

Initially, he was in two minds whether he’d be able to balance his time between the business and the LLB he was pursuing. But with Yashika, and his cousin brother, Akshat by his side, the journey was a smooth sailing one. He calls them his ‘pillars of strength’.

When asked about what sets him apart, Rohan takes pride in explaining how his store is different from others in the same market. He says that they make sure to handpick every item on sale and provide the customer suggestions as well as a memorable experience on shopping with them.

Their goal remains to get the best quality goods and sell them at affordable prices. Moreover, he values customer feedback and says that it is what a business needs to grow, to listen to what their customers have to say.

During this COVID era, doors to success have closed for many and have also provided opportunities to the rest. Rohan says that his business was not spared when the virus struck the economy.

But this entrepreneur is working hard to meet the needs of his customer and has a different take on it altogether.

He is striving to fill in the new market gap that was created for essentials. Using their contacts, they have brought in utilities like masks, sanitizers, infrared thermometers, sanitizing machines, etc. and are also delivering the same as they have realized that people are hesitant to leave their homes and shop. (Comment below if you have hopped onto this trend too!!)

Apart from providing gifts on an individual customer basis, they also provide corporate gifting solutions with brandings.

They are hopeful of expanding their product list in the near future.

Yashika’s is procuring customers now through their social media handles. “The key to fill the market gap is to be ready to change and adapt the change in the market. Only then we will be able to sustain in this economic breakdown,” he tells the Expanrr team.

The business was not looking up after the imposition of the lockdown and when the store had to be shut for almost 5 months.

We missed “Rakhi Sales” the most important sale period of the year, says Rohan. 

He attributes the reduced footfall to the fact that the store is located in a residential area, where families have contracted the virus. But today, they are taking all necessary steps and precautions and are back to serving their clients’ gifting needs.

He plans ahead to create a niche for himself in E-Commerce since people have started to get their requirements delivered to their doorsteps, beginning from groceries, to even services of a barber.

Rohan gives credits to his position today to the women in his life. His mother Mrs. Kavita Bhalotia and his sister-in-law Mrs. Yashika Bhalotia are the ones he devotes his success to. “They have supported and guided me in my journey throughout. My mother has been my emotional pillar when our business took a set back during the pandemic. So I would like to give all the credit to these two beautiful women in my life.” says the young entrepreneur.

It is important to have faith in your pursuit and to be dynamic in order to sustain.

While concluding he mentions how ‘change’ is the only constant and how these hard times will pass, but patience is key. He asks the readers to never lose hope and to stay with your family and loved ones to overcome these tough times.

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