This newly built production house curate art as a sustainable profession

It is nothing new to tell that the process of growing starts from working, making mistakes, and learning from them. It is only after working and learning, a newcomer gains experience. However, in fields like the film industry, getting proper work to gain experience is itself a big challenge. It was only after realizing the reality of getting a break into the film industry, artiste and playwright Manil Mayank Mishra, thought to launch the production house, Shahjahanpur Prosceniums. The idea of Manil Mayank Mishra, came into reality when his efforts were joined by that of other inspirers. The four inspirers of the production house are Neha Pathak, Smriti Rastogi, Jamila Khan, and Ashish Pandey.

Manil Mayank Mishra in Khushfahamiyaan 2 Ruke Ruke Se Qadam

Started his journey as a theatre artist and as a playwright, Manil Mayank Mishra has gained a good reputation in the film industry with his projects. Some of them include mainstream movies like No One Killed Jessica, Talwar, Fukrey-2, Fitoor, and premium web series like Rasbhari, The Family Man, and many more. Along with acting on stage or for the camera, Manil Mayank Mishra has written for theatre and movies. Moreover, he has shared the screen with big stars like Shahrukh Khan as well. He has been teaching acting and theatre in Mukesh Chhabra Casting Company (MCCC). The artist has also taught theatre and development at the National Institute of Fashion and Technology (NIFT), Delhi.

With this production house, the team aims to provide financial assistance to the budding artists by exempting them from certain charges and extra fees while making a profile on the upcoming website of Shahjahanpur Prosceniums. With a social media page for community discussion, actors and voice-over artists will be able to connect with senior artists and seek guidance from them.

36 Defence Colony Audience
36 Defence Colony (Audience)

“We never take auditions. Just talk to people. When the cast is finalized, we work upon characters. We let our actors live the character during the rehearsal processes and polish their performances with our feedbacks”, says Manil Mayank Mishra thinker and founder of Shahjahanpur Prosceniums.

One of the inspirers of the company is Neha Pathak, who is a botanist cum researcher and an avid entrepreneur. Neha has worked with the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India and has also conducted nationally and internationally acclaimed workshops related to her field of Botany.

Another inspirer of the organization is Smriti Rastogi who is a renowned news anchor of Rajya Sabha TV. Smriti Rastogi also represents India at Parliament Press for South Asia, as a delegate member. With her teaching skills, Smriti Rastogi is also a faculty of Delhi University’s journalism teaching faculty.

The third inspirer of the production house is Jamila Khan. She is a trilingual actor with an edge in Hindi, English, and Urdu. She has performed over 100 stage shows of a mega production which is produced by Wizcraft, Mumbai and Kingdom of Dreams, Delhi. Jamila is also a versatile communication coach of accent and voice.

The founding team of Shajahanpur Prosceniums also has a legal expert. Ashish Pandey is a suave lawyer, who also works as an advisor of the Director-General of Trade of the European Union (EU) concerning India’s compliances on her commitments made at the World Trade Organisation. Because of his legal excellence, Ashish has become a common face of Television shows comprising legal and political debates.

As mentors have more experience than students, they are well aware of the mistakes which can be potentially committed by their students. This is how a mentor minimizes the gap of learning among his students. With this line of thought, the production house will hold workshops and also give sustainable acting teaching at school, corporate house, colleges, and other institutions.

Khwaab Dum -B - Dum (Team)
Khwaab Dum -B – Dum (Team)

The production house with its upcoming website will provide the aspiring actors and voice-over artistes a digital library. With this artists will have the access to a vast collection of scripts, monologues, short stories, and ideas. Along with this, actors and voice-over artists will be asked to create a profile on the upcoming website of the production house. Various directors and casting actors of the industry will be able to contact these artists for their projects. The production house will also support the aspiring writers in scriptwriting and screen playwriting. When it comes to selecting a theme or an issue for the script, the team focuses more on establishing emotions.

“We never try to glorify a problem in our scripts. However, if we do, we make it a point to provide a solution to it as well,” says Manil Mayank Mishra. He believes that along with talking about a problem, it is the responsibility of an artist to provide a solution to it.

The name of the production house reflects Manil’s love for his native place Shahjahanpur and or the world of theatre. With this name, Manil Mayank Mishra has tried to combine his past with his present identity of being the thinker founder of Shahjahanpur Prosceniums.

An artist is always in a constant dilemma between commercially viable projects and the ones that will give satisfaction to the soul. In the existing scenario, Shahjahanpur Prosceniums arises as a midway solution for artists so that they can pursue their passion while maintaining a balance with whatever they earn.

The team believes that in the coming decade the production house will become a reason to curate art as a sustainable profession in people and to expand the opportunities in casting for actors and voice-over artistes, irrespective of their financial backgrounds.

Manil Mayank Mishra in 36 Defence Colony (2)

“The social understanding of breaking into the Hindi Film Industry is an expensive dream, we want to dissolve that myth”, comments Manil Mayank Mishra on the financial limitations of artistes in pursuing their dreams.

With a perception that a person’s past builds their future, Manil shares his life lesson to never run away from the past. Another life lesson that the thinker founder of Shajhanpur Prosceniums shares is relationships. He believes that our experiences associated with certain things and people must not become the basis of building a particular relationship with them.

With an altogether different journey to start, the team of Shajahanpur Prosceniums believes to live and learn from every moment and associate with people’s language and cultures to live life to the fullest.

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