This startup is on a mission to make green tea ’Eco- Friendly’

This startup is on a mission to make green tea ’Eco- Friendly’

Growing awareness in fitness and an alternative to plastic have led these three entrepreneurs to create a revolutionary product- TABE T.

People are becoming increasingly health-conscious in today’s world. The proof of this is the rise in consumerism in the health sector with products like supplements, protein powders, herbal teas, etc. Moreover, since the majority of the population consists of working adults and restless millennials, they need convenient alternatives to the generic products they use. This sector is thus fast-growing.

Green tea is one such product gaining popularity among various age groups. Green tea’s name comes from the emerald color that appears when unprocessed, unfermented tea leaves are brewed. It’s origin dates back to 5000 years ago when it was popular in the Far East. It’s health benefits range from reportedly reducing the risk of cancer to weight loss. Moreover, green tea has antioxidants and boosts metabolism. It is a health drink in itself and the trio’s product, Tabe T adds potent herbs like tulsi, grape seed extract, cinnamon, etc.  to enhance its overall effect on the body due to their benefits. This makes it different from the generic green tea we find in the market.

Tabe T is the solution invented by three geniuses- Pankaj Chopra, Anubha Chopra and Abhishek Deora. Pankaj was working as a Senior at the operations and processes at the largest BPO. Abhishek is a travel enthusiast and a professional banker. Anubha is an entrepreneur and a homemaker who is an excellent multitasker. These three innovators together came up with this groundbreaking product.“The convenience and quick answer to the need of this restless demographic made us create this product. “ says the trio. The need of the hour was such a product, which is tea in the form of tablets sans plastic thus environmentally sustainable. Teabags contain nano-plastic which is very harmful to the environment and Tabe-T aims at reducing environmental impact.

While trying to meet the tastes and preferences of people, they care for our environment. They target to spread awareness about sustainable packaging of tea. All food and beverage brands have the scope to become sustainable. As Tabe T believes in inclusivity, they strive to make sure that each cup leaves a customer wanting more.

It is green tea in the form of effervescent tablets. These are ready to consume in 30 seconds thus making it comparatively more convenient. They have featured the option of adding honey, turmeric, lemon, etc. to your cup to make it lip-smacking and suit the consumer’s tastebuds. Even though it’s innovative, the low price point makes it popular amongst its target audience.

Why in the form of tablets you may ask? Because they wanted to get rid of the traditional teabag packaging which is not eco-friendly. A typical tea bag also contains metal in the form of a pin as well as paper. Imagine the number of trees that are cut to produce this much paper!

As they pursue their journey of creating awareness about sustainability to all consumers through their product, they show their confidence in capturing the South African market as well, after entering Australia.

Coming to the competitive edge that they have over their competitors have, they tell the Expanrr team about the available tea tablets in the market that usually deprive the consumer of tasty tea. Tabe T has a unique formulation with herbs which provides the benefits of green tea without compromising on its flavor.

These entrepreneurs agree to the fact that entering a unique market segment comes with a lot of challenges because creating awareness about your brand is a tough job. Taste and flavors too have to match everyone’s liking.

Nonetheless, the three together are affirmative of positive growth in their venture as they have full faith in their product. If you wish to contribute in your own small way in this strive towards saving the earth while ensuring fitness by just switching your habit of using tea bags to using tablets, you should choose sustainable options.

Team Expanrr
Team Expanrr

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