Threading into the future of fashion: Pasithea is changing the face of sustainable fashion in India

The 21st century is the era of unending hustle, noise, pollution, and competition, and what women need is some calm, quiet, simplicity, and relaxation. Well, fret not, for we have Tanya Jain to the rescue.

Tanya Jain, Founder Pasithea
This one-of-a-kind designer poetically translates her ideologies into her work and creates for the masses classic pieces with a touch of elegance and simplicity.

The Ahmedabad born, Parson’s graduate designer and writer, has brought to life the fabric and tangible version of Pasithea, the Greek goddess of relaxation and calm. Through her organic, authentic and raw brand, Tanya has managed to start a dialogue which focuses on conscious shopping, minimal wastage, and fuss-free fashion.

As a child, Tanya was always drawn towards art and all things creative. Joining the fast-moving fashion industry was a second skin for Tanya. However, over the years, her idea and definition of what fashion is has changed incredibly. The ruthless, meaningless and cruel ways of the fashion industry finally got to her when she decided to take a stand and create a brand for the ages where life, people, comfort, love, and simplicity would be prioritized over anything else. Translating her spirituality into her work and creating clothes which reflected virtues of the Greek goddess in women’s daily wear, was what this futuristic fashionista aimed at.

Her designs and creations if anything is genuine, relaxed, authentic, fuss-free, classy, simple and sustainable. And as if these features weren’t good enough, she also ensures that the entire cloth-making process is ethical and sustainable with zero wastage and no pollution to the environment.

“We encourage our customers to ‘Rewear, Repeat and Repurpose’. This change in mindset is something that has been a challenge for us to make our audience understand”, says Tanya.

Her brand focuses on creating pieces which women can wear on different occasions, be it night or day, while being comfortable, relaxed and making a statement at the same time.

Tanya ensures that her work speaks for her in terms of ideology, meaning, ethics, heritage and values. Her brand is a reflection of her very substance and beliefs. The main focus was on creating designs which were the personification of the word ‘comfort’. The brand’s ‘comfort is key’ motto is what makes it different from other brands which focus more on the trend and what’s in fashion at the moment. She doesn’t believe in making temporary pieces which are bound to be thrown out like candy wrappers with the changing seasons, trend and style. What people need more than extravaganza, glitter and sequins are raw, earthly, sustainable, zero-waste designs which could last them seasons and yet keep them in trend. Tanya aims at leaving a permanent and lasting impression in the world of fashion and ensures that every creation and design of hers has some meaning to it and remains a classic.

Her environment friendly techniques and strict zero-wastage policy is what makes Pasithea a brand for the ages
Her environment-friendly techniques and strict zero-wastage policy is what makes Pasithea a brand for the ages

Even Pasithea’s logo has had a lot of thought put behind it. “If you carefully look at our logo, it’s a sun and moon with the moon-forming 7 O’clock because our routines are largely divided from 7 am to 7 pm and 7 pm to 7 am, the work and relaxing period”, says Tanya.

This brand provides comfort in the best way possible to its customers when they are at their busiest and they need it the most.

Pasithea makes simple, relaxed and effortless look cool, fresh, appealing and classy with its organic, genuine and earthly designs.

And as if her clothing designs weren’t enough of a blessing for all of us, Tanya Jain is also the author of the spirit-awakening ‘Origami birds’ which again speaks of the importance of comfort to achieve the mind, body and soul balance in a fast-moving, ruthless and chaotic world. Finding solace and calm in the simplest things is what will keep one going in

this maddening world and Tanya through her work and creations, seeks to provide to her customers and readers the relaxation and comfort in her own way through clothes and books.

As reflected by her work, Tanya isn’t a person who is dazed by the glitter and jazz of the fashion industry but believes in sticking to her spirituality and roots. “My black skinny trousers are my go-to fashion apparel because they go with everything and I’ve owned them forever”, says Tanya on being asked about her personal style.

This is a very rare trait seen in a fashion designer as most of them produce clothes and pieces which the customer cannot possibly wear over and over regularly. This unfortunate practice is the reason the fashion industry is the second largest pollutant to the environment. Besides being disastrous for the environment, this trend is also a waste of resources, material, effort and money. This is why Pasithea as a brand stands out in its purpose and ideology and ensures both, sustainable wear and a sustainable future.

When asked about alternative career options, Tanya said, “While my brand is my main priority, I am also a freelance graphic designer. So if not fashion, graphics, and communication would have been the alternative.”

So at the end of the day, Tanya Jain is not just your average fashion designer with a mediocre brand and designs. She is your modern day goddess with a fusion for a solution of both fashion and comfort, while at the same time, making a social statement on the ways and practices of the fashion industry and its targeted audience. She ensures that her customers are conscious shoppers who are mindful of the quality they purchase and the story behind every piece of clothing.

Awakening the spiritual part of the customer while remaining ethical, genuine, authentic, raw, sustainable, comfortable and fashionable is what the world of Tanya Jain’s Pasithea is all about.

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