TRICYCLE wheels the way for budding entrepreneurs via effective branding

We all know the power of branding and if you are building a venture you would surely want your company to become a strong brand in its domain. But while you know the importance of it, as an entrepreneur there are so many other issues that need your attention, as a result, you may not be in a position to pursue it as diligently as you wanted to. Moreover, finding the right partner who can understand your vision and has relevant expertise is also a challenge.

Well, the answer is here!

Tricycle Founders
Tricycle Founders-Samyadeep De and Kaushik Saha

In fact, this is exactly what the founder of this venture, an IIT Bombay student thought while starting out, being in the brand consulting domain for long Samyadeep De realized that strategic brand building in its true sense was restricted to the more established players. No one was really focusing on the new businesses, start-ups, and family-owned enterprises – the ones who probably needed it the most.

With entrepreneurship getting a much-required boost, someone had to address this need, and deliver impact. This promoted the start of Tricycle, a branding agency for the new age enterprise. Tricycle uses its expertise in brand consulting design and communication (including advertising) to help build a consistent brand projection.

With its focus on new business and challenging brands, they help enterprises unlock their true brand potential with the help of strategic and design communication.

“Tricycle is essentially a start-up for start-ups. We are committed to the spirit of entrepreneurship and want to help new businesses become strong brands. We are sensitive to the needs of entrepreneurs and wish to walk with them on this journey. Brand building is a strategic exercise and if done right it can result in a great competitive advantage going forward ” says Samyadeep, the founder.

Tricycle is a fast-growing platform that focuses on brand creation, enhancement, and rebranding to build a brand identity.

“We are a passionate team and we always like to use design to create a distinct interpretation for our clients. Internally we are clear we are partners in your success and we ensure we help you achieve your vision. However, branding is not just a logo design or a packaging or for that matter an advertisement, it is the story that you wish to tell, made up of all these elements” says Kaushik Saha, a design professional with more than 24 years of experience across domestic and global markets and the company’s co-founder.

Lamenting on the hurdles in this business he expressed, “There are multiple players all claiming to do something similar and many people still don’t quite understand the value we generate. During its early stages, Tricycle was compared to several others in the same line of business but now with time people have slowly understood the uniqueness of our offering”.

Tricycle Founders Samyadeep De and Kaushik Saha
The Tricycle founders giving wings to the aspirations of budding entrepreneurs through effective branding.

According to Samyadeep, “Assimilating the goals and vision of the clients, living them dreams, walking paths – each different from the other, to deliver the best, is what makes this journey satisfying. From IT to Consumer goods, Fashion to Fintech, Real estate to Retail we have helped entrepreneurs realize their vision and continue to do so. We usually come in to fulfill either of the three broad objectives – Brand creation, Brand enhancement or Rebrand”.

On the future plans, he says, “We want to consolidate our position of being the preferred branding partners for new and family businesses and build a legacy of performance. We want to collaborate with institutions, start-up forums, media, basically, everyone who is involved in the promotion of entrepreneurship and reach out to as many people who may need and value our expertise”.

So, if you are a start-up founder or have aspirations of taking your family business to the next level, you can reach out to Tricycle and move closer to your vision by leveraging the power of the strategic brand building.

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