Dt. Anagha Desai

UK based nutritionist and entrepreneur explains the importance of eating right

In the 21st century where food is just a click away at huge discounts, nutrition has lost the importance it was once given. There are 1+1 offers, 50% discount and numerous catchy notifications that make people crave junk food. Even for people who want to lose weight, there are so many options. There is a Keto diet, Atkins diet, intermittent fasting and even YouTube videos with titles like “Follow this and you will lose 10kgs in 10 days”. There is too much information but no way to know what is right and for whom. This is where a nutritionist like Anagha Desai steps in. She is not only an expert in nutrition but also an entrepreneur who started a website for consultation Zing Wellness: a one stop for everything related to nutrition.  Dt. Anagha Desai is born and brought up in Mumbai, currently based in England.

Food and nutrition is one of those fields where everyone thinks they know what is right but in reality, they know almost nothing. It was Anagha’s curiosity and desire to know more that brought her to the field of nutrition. She completed her Masters’ in Nutrition & Dietetics and worked in the diabetics sector in a pharma company.

I was working in an MNC doing the same monotonous work every day. When the thought of leaving my job and starting my own business was bubbling up, I came across a new course on entrepreneurship which was a turning point in my life.”

A website was made and Anagha’s journey as an entrepreneur began. Zing Wellness follows a holistic approach to health. “Diet comes with an expiry date so making lifestyle changes that are sustainable is imperative.” Clients aren’t asked to avoid or restrict anything. Instead, they help them obtain more balance in their eating habits. They even combine Ayurveda with practical and modern methods. No meal plan is one-size-fits-all and therefore, they keep in mind to consider the client’s ethnicity, current location, current likes and dislikes.

“Our focus is not on achieving a particular number on a weighing scale, but improving the quality of life of an individual.”

In such a digitalized world, working online saves the time and energy of everyone. Likewise, in Zing Wellness all consultations are made through video or audio calls. Her target audience is people with weight issues, skin issues, PCOD, or any health-related problems. Mental health has a huge impact on our physical health and vice versa.

“I strongly believe that food can affect our mood and mental state the way our thoughts and emotions do.”

They believe health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease.  For those times when people get discouraged in their journey to become healthier, a motivational session to target the real problem is given. A lot of people even turn to food in rough times. In that case, trying to understand the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger definitely helps.

Countless people struggle with body issues and in an attempt to fit in the standard perception of beauty, they starve themselves.

“People just want to lose weight without understanding the science behind it.”

According to Anagha, people in this generation are more inclined towards achieving a particular number. “But beauty is beyond weight, beauty is beyond the skin. A weighing scale cannot measure your fitness levels.”

In the utter chaos of too much information and lack of facts, Anagha shares with us these tips to combat this issue better:

  • Throw away that weighing scale and judge your progress based on how happy you feel, inches you have lost/ fat loss, increased energy levels, skin improvement.
  • Consult a professional instead of making google your nutritionist.
  • Take small goals and work on your meal timings. Do your body composition analysis to get a better picture- body fat%, muscle %, visceral fat%, BMI, body water, etc.
  • Stop taking advice from people who have no professional knowledge about the nutrition field.

Anagha has even written a book Win the Weightloss Game

Win The Weight Loss Game
Win The Weight Loss Game By Dt. Anagha Desai

“Actually I just started writing without any intention as such. I was just jotting down my experience with my clients and solutions for it.”

In Anagha’s experience, everyone had one common belief that following a diet and being consistent with it is difficult. She wanted to remove all negativity surrounding diets and show people what being healthy and beautiful actually means.

Being consistent and working hard is Anagha’s key to success. For her true motivation comes from the inside. Truly, if there is no enemy within, there is no enemy outside. She believes that comparing your journey with someone else is the most disempowering thing one can do.

The vision to do much more than what everyone else in the field of nutrition is doing helps Zing Wellness grow. They plan to contribute to the field of mental health. If health and beauty is only numbers, then why are people with the “ideal” body weight still struggling to fit in the standards of beauty? They made us ask ourselves if health is how society portrays it or if it is much more than that.

At last mental health is getting the attention it truly deserves.  If our body is healthy, our mind will be healthy which will make us unstoppable. If you think you are unstoppable, you can share your story with us at story@expanrr.com ! Until then, you do you!

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