Career as a Digital Content Creator

Unveiling the secrets to become a successful Digital content creator

Who would have thought about 15 years ago that owning a smartphone, having a voice, and an idea to create, create something that you like, will end up making you millionaires? No one right!, It was either because people doubted the capacity online media has or thought that platforms like Facebook and Instagram, were only to meet long lost friends or they were delusional about the reach and impact of online content.

So this is what I call the revolutionized world of digital content creators. It is a tech-savvy world where boundaries have disappeared, the reach is maximized and the imagination is left to run wild. But with the crowding of these platforms, the urge to stand different leaves people into a dilemma of how to begin this journey. For all the aspiring digital content creators, here is my


Identify your niche

Even before the money value got associated with digital media people used to put the content of what they loved doing but couldn’t create a profession out of it. Be it blogging, vlogging, roasting, fashion, cooking everything was up there without the thought of money. Select your area of interest; this will ensure the longevity of your page.

Select the Right platform

The choice is many but the right choice is what that matters. Every digital content is not eligible for all the platforms. So select your digital platform thoughtfully. This will ensure that the right audiences connect with you and this in return will maximize your reach.

Plan your content

Surviving a battle always requires foresightedness. So think for the long term and improvise in the short term. Plan your content that ensures stability. Chalk out your future timeline and plan your content around it. Set standards for your content. Your content should be unique; viewers should be able to differentiate between your content and the already available ones. Review and revise the quality of your content. Equip yourself with the right equipment like a good quality camera/Smartphone, microphone, lights, etc.

Build a target audience

Market yourself the best. By marketing, I mean to present the best form of your talent. This will help you build a loyal target audience. Along with creativity also play psychologically. Manipulate emotional analytics to work in your favor.

Digital platforms have not only bought people closer but have also enhanced the relationship between a creator and the influenced audience. Digital space is very open, it doesn’t bound people from sharing what they like nor does it restrict viewers from seeing what pleases them. Not only this, but it is also the monetization aspect that is oiling this whole cycle of content creation and reaches.

Monetize your content

Impact, reach and audience, these three things are the virtue of a business and the one who channelizes them in the right direction is the one who makes money. The same goes for online content. You start with an idea, skill, or a hobby, drive (absorb) likeminded audience and make money. Simple!

Actually NO! If a platform gives you a chance to create something for free that doesn’t mean that the money aspect is. The online monetization algorithm is quite simplified but tricky. It mainly revolves around a few basic aspects-


All these giants like youtube, Facebook even Google earn a handsome via advertising, and so does a creator. For every ad that pops in-between your video that flashes on your feed you get paid a percentage of that amount.

Sponsoring/sponsored post

This is a part of advertising. Brands that associate themselves with your content will reach out to you for paid promotions. This is called influencing. Brands optimize your influence to increase their target audience, and in return, you get paid for promoting their product/service on your page.

Affiliated links

E-commerce websites provide creators with affiliated links. These may include coupon code, a voucher, or even a lucky draw gift. In return the creator gets paid, this payment can be in the form of cash or kind e.g. online shopping sites provide influencers with an opportunity to shop for a certain amount for free or let them use/try a paid service for no cost.


This comes very late in the carrier of a creator, but can be major game-changer. By branding yourself on Merchandise, creators try to create an everlasting connection with its viewers. This can be done in the form of printed t-shirts, stationeries, accessories, etc.

Apart from these Brands to brand collaborations, creators can even create financial opportunities by making public appearances, holding seminars /webinars, and events. Collaboration with big scale YouTubers or creating branches out of your primary channel can also yield fruitful results. In accordance with these prerequisite methods, for all the budding creators my suggestion is to start small. Start Collaborating with people on a small scale. Aim big but give every opportunity a chance, even if it means a sponsored post of a small amount. Reach out to big creators use your skills and expertise to peruse the to work with you. Start paid promotions with a small scale unit, but remember don’t get diverted. Always catch hold of your uniqueness, do not let it get lost under your drive for money.

Upscaling your position

It is a crazy rat race of bloggers and content creators; this creates an urgent need for them to be omnipresent. The digital platforms these days are flooded with the content of all sorts. Creators, that are only virtually present, are under tremendous pressure to be cited every day. The need to be on schedule and have consistency is the only trait that can make them survive long in this ultra-competitive field. To this some factors that just cannot be ignored are.

Make your content unique

Online platforms are flooded with content. Almost everything is already there. You may not be the only one posting that very content, so set your content apart, and adapt your unique style. Be the first one in a specific field, and master that trait.

Keep your viewers engrossed

They will remember you only if they come across your content daily. Online content works on the theory of out of sight out of mind. So be consistent and regular, Keep innovating and upgrading you work to maintain the viewers’ interest.

Remember, you are paid for the number of people that you reach

Your content should be mass friendly. Even though your area of focus is small but your reach should wide. Catch as many views as you can so for that be innovative. Don’t let the surprise element fade from your content. Viewers should look forward to the next post that you’ll be posting.

Don’t be money-driven

Money can be a big motivation factor but it can also be the reason you’re your downfall. Too much paid/sponsored content erases the trust of your viewers. Frequent add posting in video disconnects people from the message that you intended to give.

Always be a learner

Keep improvising. Change is the only constant, so keep refining your skills according to the trend. Never stop learning, adapt, and develop different skills, this will bring versatility in your content and keep the viewers’ interest intact.

Even though digital content attracts quick money, don’t be allured by this 15-minute fame. The quicker it is achieved the faster you can lose it. To gain long term faith, be consistent, stable, and the master of your trait. Focus on quality along with quantity. Today digital media is an open platform and everyone is welcomed, by seeing the congestion and repeated content, do you think not standing out of the swarm can insure a stable money flow and liking? So think wise.

Harshita Rastogi
Harshita Rastogi

Writer by passion and cook by profession. I like to cook up both meals and stories.