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Want to make money while in college? Here are a few ways!

Our graduate years often serve as a necessary interim that prepares us for the challenges of adulthood. Fresh out of the stringent routines of high school, we embark on a journey of exploring a plethora of possibilities, of discovering the best version of ourselves. However, there is one material impediment to this joyride: the constant need for money.

Perhaps it is in college that we first realize the value of money as a prerequisite of growing up. Truth be told, most of us have experienced the agony of sacrificing our favorite cheese burst pizza or that one movie we have been dying to watch ever since its trailer launched, all because of a gaping hole in our pockets.

Hence, we are here to suggest a number of ways in which you can start earning while in college. Apart from making all your guilty pleasures affordable, these will also help you develop a wide range of professional skills, thereby keeping you ahead of your peers.

Start selling

In this age of consumerism, goods and services are in perpetual demand. So why not exploit this opportunity and make a few extra bucks?

You can collaborate with brands and wholesalers to provide drop shipping services to a wider customer base than they might have access to. This is immensely beneficial as you get to launch an e-commerce store without having to invest in inventory.

Registering yourself as a salesperson for a renowned company can amp up your marketing and communication skills. And in such a fiercely competitive market as today’s, knowing how to convince potential customers is always an added advantage!

Join a startup

From Hewlett Packard to Harley Davidson, most successful business establishments that dominate the modern market started small. In the initial stages of development, companies are always on the lookout for young, enthusiastic, and open minded workers who are capable of taking responsibility.

Working in a startup can be exciting and challenging in myriad ways. Apart from being patient and perseverant, you learn how to experiment with ideas, manage multiple tasks, take effective decisions, and build media relations. In short, you become a master of all trades. A startup also allows you to interact with the top level associates of a company, such as CEOs and directors, and this can go a long way in helping you imbibe work ethics and professionalism.

As part of a startup, you will witness the growth of your company from the grass root level. And reaping the benefits of your own effort is satisfaction on a whole different level!

Offer your services

Intelligence lies in discovering what you are good at and monetizing the same. If you have a flair for writing, you can start a blog of your own. Nowadays, there are options for affiliate marketing and ad generation which can help you earn money from your blog. Furthermore, many companies outsource content development services, which is another good way of filling your pockets.

Apart from this, there is a whole range of other fields such as video editing, graphic designing, and web development where you can find ample freelance opportunities. Many companies also hire Virtual Assistants to help with a variety of technical and administrative tasks. In such a capacity, you will be able to work remotely and still earn a handsome amount.

Build something useful

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook began as a social networking site meant for Harvard students. It shot to fame in no time because of the sheer novelty of the experience that it offered. This only proves that college is the best time to put all your creative faculties to proper use.

Many of us have dreams that we have cherished since childhood. For instance, if you are passionate about fashion designing, now is time to start taking orders for customized apparel. Or say, if you are confident about your culinary talents, go ahead and start a food delivery business. You can target potential customers within the campus and accordingly come up with an entrepreneurial strategy. You can also think of promoting your venture during college events to maximize sales.

Provided your services and products are unique, your customer base will expand beyond the college community. And who knows, you might even become a big shot brand one day with hundreds of people working under your supervision!

Create digital content

Did you know that some of the most renowned video bloggers on YouTube actually earn in millions? With the world being swept over by rapid digitization, podcasting and video blogging have become viable and extremely lucrative career options. The internet is a one stop shop for all those seeking information and/or entertainment. So go ahead and post anything you like – comedy performances, makeup tutorials, dessert recipes, or travel videos – depending on your interest or area of expertise. You won’t generate traffic overnight, but if your content is attractive and original, you will get noticed eventually.

The key to making the most of your college life is to keep acquiring new skills, and all the points mentioned above will help you do so while simultaneously sorting all your financial woes. You can also check out our EREDU Training Programme which seeks to educate students through practical experience in fields such as Marketing, Human Resource Management, Business Development, and the like. A great way to gain a head start on your career, what say?

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