Kerala: Pregnant elephant murdered by societal cruelty. Where has our humanity gone?

Kerala Elephant Killing

The lockdown was thought of a period for our nature to heal from the grievous consequences of climate change, global warming and other man-made disasters. However, the recent murder of a pregnant elephant in Kerala (a place is known as God’s own country!) has proved how humans have forgotten what humanity is.

The pregnant elephant died after locals allegedly fed her a pineapple masked with explosives, killing her and her two unborn children on May 27, 2020. The elephant was witnessed dying in great pain and suffering while standing in the waters of the Velliyar River in Kerala’s Malappuram. This tragic death of the elephant as a result of animal abuse was brought into light by Mohan Krishnan, a forest officer. An innocent elephant that left Kerala’s silent valley in search of food, only to find a cracker-filled pineapple leading to her death, is enough proof to show how humanity is gone. It is a local practice to use crackers to ward off wild boars in the region. After eating that fruit, the cracker burst into her mouth causing her extreme pain. The explosion caused injury to the elephant’s tongue and mouth, while she wandered around hungry in immeasurable pain and unable to eat anything. Even while in agony and great pain, she did not harm a single villager or cause any damage. She quietly stood in the waters of the Velliyar river, with her mouth and trunk submerged in water to get some relief from the unbearable pain.

Such heinous acts are nothing less than a murder, but it’s not new in Malappuram district who’s famous for such vile incidents against animals. This has been happening for ages now, giving Malappuram the name of the most violent district in India. Maneka Gandhi, MP and animal activist told the media how people of the Malappuram district throw poison on the roads for birds and animals to die. Every year almost hundreds of elephants are killed, which means one in every three days! Elephants bought on insurance are severely beaten up with rustled zinc rods until they die so their owners can get some handful of money. Over 20 years, not one elephant has died due to natural death but has been murdered and died at the hands of ruthless monsters. Even after reading this, do you realize the seriousness of such issues?

What’s worse is how no serious actions are being taken against cruel wildlife killers and animal torturers. Kerala’s government does not take any action, no matter how many animals are being murdered on a regular basis. “It’s useless asking the government for help because nor do they listen or take any serious actions against animal cruelty”, says Maneka Gandhi. Stricter legal actions need to be taken starting from enforceable law and severe punishments for any kind of poaching or animal cruelty. No action has ever been taken against them and that’s where the problem begins. The lack of punishments or actions against acts of animal cruelty means that people continue to conduct. Laws for animal safety are weak and it’s time for the government to intervene and create stricter laws and punishments.

What is the point of a state with 100% literacy, when such shameful and heinous animal cruelty cases are being witnessed? With a history of oppression and inhumane treatment towards animals, it is no justification to blame one particular group or community, but instead should be corrected by our entire humankind. In a country, where cows are considered sacred and worshiped rigorously, what about other animals? All animals are free and should be treated equally. Just like us, animals have the right to live too. From the several street dogs on your street to the endangered Indian elephants; all animals have the right to live. If humans can be jailed for killing other human beings, why are there no such law enforcements against animal cruelty? After all, humans are just temporal beings on this planet whereas nature has and always will be a home for all kinds of organisms. Imagine if some stranger comes to your house, starts living there and destroying every small corner of your house, how would you feel? Nature is home for animals and the environment is their habitat. We humans are just a small part of it.

Kerala Elephant Killings

Nonetheless, everyone is outraged and is taking a stand against the inhumane locals who caused this heinous act of feeding a cracker filled pineapple to a pregnant elephant. Everyone is condemning this act – politicians, activists, actors and even industrialist Ratan Tata tweeted for stringent punishments for the monsters so that “justice can prevail”. There are demands being made for stricter laws against animal cruelty and yet stricter punishment for the monsters responsible for the death of an innocent elephant. Kerala Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan is examining the case and assures that strict action will be taken against the culprits behind the killing of the pregnant elephant. Stricter legal actions need to be taken for all kinds of animal torture. Animal cruelty needs to STOP!

Educate people against animal cruelty and teach them to stand up against it in all forms. People need to understand that this is a serious crime and actions need to be taken. Animal cruelty is real and is happening to every kind of animal in different forms all around the world. The problem is that there are not enough people fighting for this cause and we need to realize that a change can only be brought by changing people’s mindset. Start by treating animals rightfully, who deserve every ounce of respect and protection. It is not okay to kick street dogs! It is not okay to buy leather shoes and belts in the name of fashion! It is not okay to attend animal circuses! Animal testing for use in commercial products is not okay!

“The greatest threat to own planet is the belief that someone else will save it”. NO! There will only be a change when every person changes their attitude and mindsets by starting to act on it! Actions speak louder than words. One of the simplest things you as an individual can do to save our planet is to start acting on it. Take small steps towards the animal’s safety and environment protection. Sign petitions, donate for a cause! Voices are meant to be heard, speak up when you see someone acting wrong towards animals. Raise your voice to educate people and spread awareness. Educating people is the first step, people need to come ahead, create awareness and raise voices.

It’s no more acceptable if people do not advocate for a change against animal cruelty and harm to the environment through actions instead of words. Remember – “The earth does not belong to human beings. Human beings belong to the Earth.”

Sanskruti Sawant

Sanskruti Sawant

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